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It’s easy to underestimate the importance of getting a regular haircut, which does take time and effort. But just taking a few easy steps to schedule a hair appointment offers a number of health and style benefits. First off, working with a professional stylist or barber can help you remain in touch with trends, as barbers and stylists will have a wealth of knowledge on hairstyling options. Equally as important is the health of your hair. Consistent haircuts can help prevent split ends, which are hard to repair, because they can continue to move up a hair shaft. Orlando residents are particularly vulnerable to damaged hair due to high temperatures and humidity. Haircuts will get rid of damaged strands to promote healthy hair that looks fuller and rich with volume. Haircut Services in Orlando At hair salons and barbershops in Orlando, there are a plethora of hairstylists and barbers who can schedule haircuts any day of the week. Prices for these services can fall between $15-75, which, of course, varies on the style or cut you desire. Current and traditional haircuts designed for women: Eye-grazing bangs Coiled chignon Curly pixie cut Cropped bob Polished braids Current and traditional haircuts designed for men: Traditional buzz cut or military fade Tapered haircut Closely cropped, higher fade with texturized hair on top Modern pompadour with a slicked back, side part Wavy top with a fade at the sides and along the back Booking an Appointment Anyone in Orlando who may be thinking about making a haircut appointment has a number of choices, and many of those services are provided by businesses that work with Booksy. Scheduling an appointment is as easy as downloading our mobile app or booking with a hairstylist above.