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    8.3 mi 240 W Mills Ave, Breaux Bridge, 70517

    BBL Vacuum Butt Enhancement


    Sauna Blanket CreamTreatment


    Body Sculpting Treatment upper body

    upper body meaning; back, arms, and stomach.
  • A Touch Of Reign LLC

    8.9 mi 124 S Main St, Classic Nails, Breaux Bridge, 70517

    Classic Set

    My basic natural set add natural length and thickness with cruelty-free mink lash extensions. Great for clients who are being introduced to lash extensions. If you want to enhance the look of your natural lashes, Classic is the way to go!
    Save up to 5%
    $115.00 $109.25
    1h 20min

    Hybrid Set

    My hybrid set is a blend of classic lashes and volume lashes. A technique I use to create the best of both styles. It is great for clients who are looking to achieve more fullness in sparse areas. Lightweight lash extensions are used and are non damaging to the client's natural lash.
    Save up to 5%
    $130.00 $123.50
    1h 30min

    Volume set

    My volume set adds more eyelash extensions using 4-7d handmade fans. With this set the client can choose vary depending on the level of necessity and intensity desired. Lash extensions used in this set unlike my classic lash extensions are very light weight and create a very "Bold" look.
    Save up to 5%
    $145.00 $137.75
    1h 55min
  • Mobile service

    Priority U Performance

    8.6 mi 1229 big Mac drive, Breaux Bridge, 70517

    Standard Performance Training Package

    These trainings are catered to small groups of 4-8 athletes, intensely building on the necessary foundation to become a better athlete
    Mobile service
    2 sessions. Pay and pick tue sessions!
    + 1 more options

    Gold Sports Performance Package

    These trainings consist of no more than two athletes, allowing maximum competition and detailed instruction.
    4 Sessions for family (+2)
    + 1 more options

    Single Performance/Personal training


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