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  • Center For Self Healing Arts, LLC

    15.6 mi 127 Water St, Exeter, 03833

    Meet & Greet

    Have you considered hypnosis, but you are unsure what to expect? Book a free meeting available in person or via phone to find out if this is the right match for you. You can also text any questions to 603-303-4954.

    Initial Hypnosis Session - Adults

    1.5 -2h (sometimes even longer) Initials Hypnosis session. Contains explanation of how hypnosis works, discussion of your goals and desires, creating tools to accomplish your goal, experience hypnosis.

    Follow up Hypnosis session - Adults

    60-70 min Follow up apt. We will follow up on your previous sessions, adjust the approach for you based on your feedback and new solutions created by your mind.
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    movement by faith

    29.9 mi 189 Baystate Dr, Boston, 02215

    Vinyasa Flow

    Hour long vinyasa flow class, Private instruction, online or in person, tailored to you! Great for building your daily practice! Please schedule after an intake appointment or “find your flow” so we can work out the details beforehand.
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    Restorative / Yin

    Peaceful postures and meditation focused on reaching past the muscle tissue to stretch deep into the fascia of the body. Perfect for relieving stress, anxiety, or sleep trouble. Please book an intro session prior to have this flow personalized for you.
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    Yoga/Fitness Fusion

    Beautiful mix of power yoga mixed with classic calisthenics. Can incorporate weights if you like. Online or in person personalized, can be made a group or individual class. Please book a “find your flow” info session prior to booking.
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  • The Lash Loft

    18.2 mi 44 Lafayette Road Suite 206, North Hampton, 03862

    Classic Full Set Jess

    One lash extension applied per natural lash. The most natural style of lashes, good for someone with a lot of natural lashes or someone new to lash extensions.

    Hybrid Full Set Jess

    A mix of classic lashes and volume lashes. Still natural, but with added density and fluffiness that volume fans deliver.

    Volume Full Set Jess

    Multiple lash extensions shaped into "fans" applied to each natural lash. These lashes can be anywhere from light and natural to more dense and dramatic.

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