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Do you want to raise the eyebrows of Kissimmee in reaction to your own perfectly tinted, beautifully shaped, and totally natural new brows? If you’re interested in trying this ancient, plant-based product in a new way, check out henna eyebrow tinting at one of your local Kissimmee salons. What Is Henna Eyebrow Tinting? You may have heard of henna before now. It’s a plant-based dye that has been used for centuries for everything from intricate temporary tattoos for traditional weddings to naturally tinting hair. But in recent years, the idea behind adding some natural color to the hair on your head has migrated a little further south, to the arches that make (or break) a face. What are the Benefits of Henna Eyebrow Tinting? No irritating itching, rough rash patches, or similar negative reactions! Henna is perfect for sensitive skin, since it’s chemical-free and totally plant-based. No waiting period for the color to calm down. Unlike non-henna brow tinting, this method not only is natural, it also looks totally natural from the first moment you leap out of your brow specialist’s chair. Henna stains your skin as well as your hair, so your eyebrows will look fuller and better than if you just used regular brow dye. How Long Does Eyebrow Henna Take? Eyebrow henna tinting takes 20-30 minutes and includes shaping, tinting, and finishing touches to ensure that any reddened skin (from the shaping process) is soothed and concealed. This ensures you step out of the salon and into Kissimmee’s glorious sunlight with the perfect brow. How Long Does Eyebrow Henna Last? Henna dye lasts up to 2 weeks on the skin and approximately 6-7 weeks on hair. Keep in mind that some salons might mix their henna with other products which can alter these times. It’s always good to check first and chat with your henna brow specialist before going under the brush! How Much Does Henna Eyebrow Coloring Cost in Kissimmee? This increasingly popular brow coloring method averages $25 per treatment in your area. Many salons also offer a deal on henna dyeing brows and lashes together. Where to Get Your Henna Eyebrows Done in Kissimmee No matter how natural henna is, you still want to ensure that the expert in charge of your eyebrows is indeed an expert. Book an appointment with a true henna eyebrow expert near you using the easiest method possible-- us! Simply return to the listings above or download the Booksy app today!