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    Bed Of Roses Spa

    15.0 mi Riverside, 628 San Antonio Drive, Riverside, 92506

    Under arm wax

    Come in hairy leave out smooth
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    Brow wax and tint

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    Brow wax

    Eyebrow shaping and clean up
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  • Lake Arrowhead Acupuncture & Holistic Health

    10.0 mi 29135 Hook Creek Road, Cedar Glen, 92321

    New Patient Consultation and Tx.

    New Patient Consultation and Treatment. Includes an in depth look at your Medical History and Current Conditions including Traditional Pulse, Tongue Diagnosis, and Herbal/Dietary/Lifestyle Recomendations and Treatment. 1.5-2hrs.

    Acupuncture +

    Our most popular option for follow-up visits. This is an extended 75 minute treatment that includes acupuncture and bodywork.

    Acu Moxa Bodywork Session

    Need a little bit of Extra Care, Try this 90 minute customized Acupuncture session including a dedicated 30 minutes of Tui Na Massage, Gua Sha, Cupping, Moxibustion, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Medical Qi Gong or a Combination thereof.
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    Via’s Whisper

    44.5 mi West Covina, 91790

    Energy Healing Session

    Distance or in-person. *Energy healing does NOT take the place of any professional medical, legal, or business opinion/treatment. Reiki can bring up stagnant emotions and clear any blockages from the energy centers in the body so that the patient can then choose what next steps they would like to take to further heal themselves. *Please don’t book after 6PM I will have to reschedule your appointment*
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    Fertility Consultation

    ~Balancing the hormones through herbs + food ~Meal plan to boost fertility ~Emotional support while trying to conceive ~Personal yoni steam plan to clear any blockages and keep circulation flowing through the womb ~Guidance on womb health and reconnection + more
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    Prenatal Consultation

    ~Continuous support during pregnancy journey through birth ~Advocacy on birth rights ~Meal Planning ~Safe + natural pain relieving methods ~Ways to connect with partner and baby ~Resources for specialty support (midwives, obs, chiropractic, etc.) ~Lotus Births ~Placenta art
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  • Lashedandboujee

    19.1 mi 3583 Chatsworth Way, Perris, 92571

    Ombré brows (microblading)


    Classic Eyelash Extensions Full Set


    Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Full Set

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    Park Bark Love Psychic/Intuitive Readings/Services

    14.9 mi Perris Blvd, Moreno Valley, 92551

    15 Minute Personal Reading

    15 minute personal reading via video call platform of your choice.
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    2022 Personalized Detailed Horoscope

    Personally crafted, detailed and beautifully designed Horoscope printable eReport. Each Report Includes the following: ~ Major Astrology Transits that will impact you the most in 2021. ~ What are the most influential challenges throughout 2021 for you. ~ What are the crucial lessons for you throughout 2021. ~ What kind of transformations will you experience during 2021. ~What you need to release in 2021. ~ What areas require your attention most in 2021. ~ What you need to improve on in 2021. ~ What new levels are being unlocked for you in 2021. ~ You & Love in 2021. ~ You & Career in 2021.
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    30 Minute Personal Reading

    30 minute personal reading via video call platform of your choice.
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  • My Life

    6.8 mi 1476 Belle Street, San Bernardino, 92404


    Facial Treatment

    Body Scrub

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