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  • Ivy League Nail Bar, LLC

    12.6 mi 8853 Woodyard RD, Suite 102, Clinton, 20735

    Clean me up Manicure / Manlycure

    Clean up manicure includes: Cleaning of cuticles Trimming of natural nail clear coat/ 3-way buff shine. 5 min hand Massage *Does not include colored polish

    Classic Acrylic Full Set w/tips

    Full set including -dry manicure -Choice of one colored or clear acrylic -square/square round (select other shapes in add-ons) -Short-medium length (select length in add-ons) -Gel polish included

    Gel Manicure w/10 nail design

    includes - -wet manicure -square/round shape -gel polish -two color simple design
  • Get Juiced Organic Hair, Scalp & Skin Care

    15.6 mi P.O. Box 805, Mechanicsville, 20659

    Brown Sugar and Honey

    Brightening & Moisturizer Sugar Scrub. Brown Sugar is a natural exfoliate that helps moisturize and even skin town. Brown Sugar has Antibacterial properties and glycolic acid that keep skin radiant and healthy.

    Oats & Honey Sugar Scrub

    Oats & Honey Brightening Sugar Scrub! The amino acids contained in oatmeal are known to have a lightening effect on skin. Oatmeal has vitamin E which also serves to lighten skin discoloration.

    Lemon Sugar Scrub

    Lemon Sugar Scrub - Brightener! A natural source of vitamin C that helps lighten dark spots from sun exposure, age spots, and discolorations. Lemon tightens pores and evens out skin tone. Sugar is a natural exfoliator, cleaning the pores and improving overall skin texture to remove dead skin cells.
  • LocssByTip

    17.9 mi 5614 Silver Hill Road, Suite 140, District Heights, 20747


    Can Be Virtually Or Come Into The Salon.

    Adults Starter Locs (coils or 2 strand)

    Hair is shampooed, conditioned and Coiled or 2 Strand Twisted. Style Fee $30 Long and Thick Density of hair subject to additional fee of $25

    Loc Maintenance Short-Shoulder Length

    Locs are Shampooed, Conditioned and Retwisted Styling is $30
  • Traveling service

    Tranquil Harmony Aroma/Massage Therapy

    12.1 mi Clinton St, Clinton, 20735

    Standard Body massage

    Traveling service

    Erotic Body Massage

    Traveling service

    Half Off Wednesdays Standard (Return clients)

    Traveling service
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  • Reiki Healing Touch

    3.3 mi TBA, Waldorf, MD, 20602

    30 Reiki Treatment

    60 Reiki Treatment

    45 Reiki w Chakra Balancing/Aromatherapy

    Our bodies are made up of an electromagnetic energy known as the aura, and the flow of this energy affects our well-being. Seven major Chakras are responsible for directing and distributing this energy throughout our body. When the Chakras spin at a perfect frequency, the body radiates optimal health, emotions are centered and balanced and we enjoy a deep sense of peace. Many people face challenges in life such as high stress, insufficient sleep etc. All these stressors shifts our Chakras out of balance or block them entirely. . Chakras have a direct impact on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of an individual. Chakra balancing is done through Chakra clearing energy work though Reiki.
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