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  • AOM Health, LLC

    10.8 mi 11501 SW Pacific Hwy, Tigard, 97223

    New Patient Appointment

    This service is for first-time patients only.
    1h 30min

    Acupuncture Appointment

    Includes an assessment and treatment with acupuncture, cupping, massage and herbal remedies as needed.

    Cupping Appointment

    Includes an assessment and cupping treatment only.
  • Genviev Hypnosis

    13.0 mi 15120 SW Daphne Ct, Beaverton, 97007

    Personalized Consultation

    Combining Ivy League education, academic research and medical training, consultations include: in-depth analysis of your situation, needs and goals, one-on-one hypnotherapy education, and all coordination and collaboration with your medical team.

    Consulting Hypnosis

    Working in a coordinated care approach with your licensed medical providers, you learn to rewire your brain to enhance wellness, emotional balance and peace of mind, and resolve unwanted symptoms, conditions and emotions.

    Forensic Hypnosis

    Forensic discovery can be determining in the preparation of a trial and may be the only way to recover vital leads. Genvièv has decades of expertise in forensic discovery, high-profile cases, murder investigations and criminal litigation.
  • Organic Acupuncture PDX

    17.4 mi 1407 SE Stark Street, Suite F, Portland, 97214

    Acupuncture First Visit

    During your first visit, I will conduct a thorough intake and obtain a complete health history, answer any questions regarding acupuncture and chinese medicine, outline a treatment plan, and complete your first treatment.
    1h 30min

    Acupuncture Follow-up Visit

    Please note that the price of follow-up visits will be increasing to $100 as of May 17th, 2022. During follow-up visits, I will inquire about and track your progress and any changes since the previous appointment, address any new concerns or health issues that have arisen, adjust my treatment plan as necessary, and complete a full treatment.
  • Jean Dugan Acupuncture

    13.1 mi 13122 SE Capistrano Ct, Portland, 97222

    Allergy Solutions

    Allergy symptoms can be miserable. Runny nose, fatigue, mouth sores, digestive issues, asthma, etc. Over time these symptoms can drag you down more and more. They are telling your body it's time for a reset. Relief is possible.


    Acupuncture is an ancient practice that naturally re-balances/fuels vitality. Every person is unique. Chinese medicine allows us to work together to first find relief, then address root causes.

    Pranic Healing

  • Patricia Hallam, LAc, LLC

    15.2 mi 1675 Southwest Marlow Avenue, Portland, 97225

    New Patient Acupuncture Appt.

    At this appt. we review your medical history and discuss your current concerns in detail in order to develop an individualized treatment plan. You will then receive your first acupuncture treatment. This appt. takes about 1 1/2 t0 2 hrs.
    1h 30min

    Follow-up Acupuncture Appt.

    We will evaluate progress made toward your treatment goals, discuss any new or changing conditions, then give you an acupuncture treatment, revising your treatment plan as needed. This appt. takes about 60 minutes.

    30-min Stress Reduction Tx

    This is a shorter, 30-minute acupuncture treatment focused on reducing the body's stress response, which can aid in the healing of many conditions. Please note that this treatment is NOT billable to insurance.
  • The Arc Sauna

    16.9 mi 5205 SE Foster Ave, Portland, 97206

    1hour Sauna Session

    1 hour private sauna rental

    90min Sauna Session

    1h 30min

    2 Hour Sauna Session

    2 hours private sauna rental
  • Moore Acupuncture

    17.8 mi 1411 NW Raleigh Street, Portland, 97209

    New Patient Visit 75-90 minutes

    Please allow for 90 minutes for a new patient appointment. If you do not see an available time that meets your needs, please call me at 503-267-7470 or email at jana@mooreacupuncture.com.
    1h 30min

    Follow-Up Visit 60-75 minutes

    Please allow 60 minutes for follow up appointments. If you do not see an available time that meets your needs, please call me at 503-267-7470 or email at jana@mooreacupuncture.com.
  • All and One Medicine

    17.9 mi 2705 East Burnside Street, Suite 205, Portland, 97214

    30 minute Consultation

    This 30-min consultation is an opportunity to ask all of your questions and to learn about what it's like to work with Dr. Lockhart, holistic counseling and acupuncture when it comes to your mental health and physical needs.

    1st Holistic Counseling + acu

    15-minute consult is required to book. The first counseling session is usually the longest, it can take up to 2 hours. Acupuncture session to follow can take 30-60 mins. Expect to be in office for 3-3.5 hours for this first session.

    Return Holistic Counseling & Acu

    Follow up holistic counseling session with acupuncture to follow. Expect to be in office for 2.5-3.5 hours.
    2h 45min
  • Traveling service

    Cascade Bodyworks Massage

    29.4 mi 3957 Shaniko Ct. SE, Salem, 97302

    Reiki Treatment

    A gentle, relaxing and potent healing modality, Reiki is an effective treatment for physical or emotional tension, pain, fatigue, and stress, and for gaining insight about the source of distress. There is no need to disrobe for this treatment.

    Reiki Class First Degree

    First-Degree Reiki enhances the capacity and rekindles the wisdom to heal that everyone naturally possesses. Through customary oral tradition, demonstration, and lots of practice, students learn history and full treatments for self and others.

    Reiki Class First Degree Audit

    Students with previous First-Degree training in the tradition of Usui Shiki Ryoho may audit the course with instructor approval. Please call (503) 931-2385.
  • Golden Web Healing

    17.6 mi 12 SE 14th Ave, Portland, 97214

    Golden Package of Three 90 Minute Massages

    4h 30min

    Trillium Package of Three 60 Min Massages


    Aromatherapy Compress and Cocoon

  • Temple Medicine Healing

    19.0 mi 1716 NE 42nd Avenue, Portland, 97213

    All First Sessions - Virtual

    This 2 hour session balances and brightens your energy & physical bodies. Each session does the same thing; cleanse, balance, brighten, and remove unwanted energies. We dive deep to bring you calm and ease. You will feel lighter and grounded!

    Higher Self Embodied - IN PERSON

    This 2 hour blessing is a reconnection, specific to remembering gifts and removing blocks. This promotes conscious knowing, restores, integrates and strengthens! This session goes deep and is reminiscent of ancient medicine with adoration.

    Return Visit Telephone Session

    This is an hour and a half long phone session that shifts energy remotely. It will focus on all levels: physical, emotional, and Spirit. Past life, other life, this life traumas can be enlightened. It will be an honor to hold space with you!
    1h 30min