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    101 N. 85th st, Seattle, WA, 98103

    Reiki Haircut

    This is a seamless combination of hair and healing work where you receive a full reiki session in the chair wh...ile you get your hair shaped! You’ll be surprised at how well they go together!
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    reiki blowout

    This is a reiki session combined with a fresh blowout for your tresses. Fresh from the inside out!

    Sacred Hair Ceremony

    These sacred hair ceremonies begin with a hair brushing ritual and then lead into various expressions of self.... You might go for a haircut during one of these ceremony’s , to say goodbye to the things that are no longer serving you.. or you might opt to have some other form of energy work while you’re in my chair. Whatever is needing to be worked on will come up during these lovely ceremonies and gently , released. Loving that head and shoulder massage? Maybe we stick with that. You tell me, what is it you are wanting more of? Each session is unique to and guided by the individual. Let’s celebrate being alive and feel the power of ceremony supercharge our day and set us up for success
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  • Daisy B Salon & Spa

    33903 Pacific Highway South STE A, Federal Way, 98003

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