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Swedish Massage Kissimmee

You may have heard of a variety of massages and tactics, from deep tissue to people standing on your back to -- eek -- those that come with an alleged “happy ending” of sorts. Lucky for you, a classic Swedish massage has nothing to be freaked out about, just an intense kind of body work that will leave you feeling not only relaxed, but incredibly revitalized.

What is Swedish Massage?

Known as one of the best and most effective types of massages, the Swedish massage is a particular kind of body work that increases oxygen in the blood, improving muscle toxins and overall flexibility. The massage uses long, gliding strokes in the direction of blood flowing to the heart to achieve overall relaxation and sense of calm. The masseuse often uses circular gestures, often kneading, pressing, and percussion-like tapping, getting out all the kinks and knots you’ve most likely been carrying for too long.

How Long Does Swedish Massage Take to Get Done?

Most people get a 50-60 minute massage however a 75-90 minute massage can allow for the massage therapist to truly penetrate the deeper tissues for better results.

How Long Does Swedish Massage Last?

Even going once to receive a massage grants lasting benefits. You’ll feel the effects of the massage immediately and the relaxation sense of well-being will carry through for a while.

How Much Does Swedish Massage Cost?

Costs for a swedish massage revolve around the length of the massage, but typically range from around $40-$100.

Where to Get Swedish Massage in Kissimmee

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