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Men’s Haircut in Orlando

A new haircut can be a quick, easy way for a man to update his style. All it takes is setting up an appointment with one of the many barbers in the Orlando area. And a little bit of research may help, as spending some time thinking about how a haircut will look with regards to facial hair and style of dress may be necessary.

What Services Are Available in Orlando?

The Orlando social scene welcomes new trends while still appreciating classic looks, making it a great place for a man to try a new hairstyle.

Barbers in the Orlando area should be able to easily accommodate clients with the following requests:

  • Traditional buzz cuts are available for minimalists hoping to stay cool during warm nights.

  • Tapered haircuts work well with very short buzz cuts or longer hair.

  • Another idea for a short cut includes a wavy top with a fade at the sides and along the back.

  • A high fade with textured hair is a similar look that doesn’t require too much maintenance.

  • Higher maintenance gents may want a modern pompadour with a slicked back, side part.

How Much Do These Services Cost on Average?

Different barbers will certainly charge more or less for a service, depending on the business. But here are a list of prices that Booksy merchants advertise for haircuts:

  • Salon Cut: $45

  • Men’s Head Shave: $25

  • Bowl Fade: $25

  • Standard Men’s Haircut: $25

  • Beard Grooming: $20

  • Buzz Cut: $20

  • Tapered Cut: $20

  • Eyebrows: $10

How Do I Book an Appointment?

While choosing a look may take up some time, landing an appointment is easy. Booksy offers online booking with businesses in Orlando and throughout central Florida. Just download our app or review the listings above to create an account and book an appointment in a mere matter of minutes.