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  • Lashes And Things

    18.3 mi 629 J St, San Diego, 92101



    Classic Lash Extensions

    Most natural looking lash extensions, one single lash extension to one natural lash. Results varies
    2h 30min

    Classic Refill

    1h 15min
  • Traveling service

    Blissful Healing Therapy: Massage & Holistic Wellness

    12.1 mi 15731 Bernardo Heights Pkwy, #104, 122, San Diego, 92128


    🔸️CBD Facial: Regenerative Sculpting cream 100mgCBD + Apple stem cell And eye cream Application of our luxury cbd Facial oil + Moisturizer w/apple stem cell * And apply our 100mgCBD Under eye awakening cream with Collagen 🔹️Microderm: Non-invasive Deep but very safe, quick mechanical exfoliation w/ powerful adjustable speed vacuum suction handpiece across face, with feeling of pressure on skin being lifted up. Aimed to lift skin by diminishing wrinkles, sun damage, coarser/dull skin, hyper pigmentation, rosacea, open/closed comedone, enlarged pores, + fine lines and discoloration for clearer appearance + + + Vacuum stimulates blood flow. 🔹️High Frequency 🔹️Micro-Current Popular Safe, Gentle and therapeutic approach to skin Rejuvenation, quickly healing & restoring your skin's health. Tx utilizing an apparatus of Alternating smooth, repetitive pulse current producing mild heat effect and oscillation on a glass high frequency electrode to treat various contour of face and BODY, too! When applied to skin, a mild electrical current passes thru the neon or argon gas, causing it to emit a substile glow and buzzing noise. During Tx, enriched oxygen molecules are produced, Creating anti bacterial action and a Natural thermal tissue warming; Ozone w/ germicidal, antiseptic + healing effect on skin after extract° or over mask. Heps contract blood vessels to push away toxins, increasing blood + stimulating lymph flow, plus cell renewal. Detox, kills bacteria, minimize red, inflamed skin, shrinking pores, reduce signs of aging and stopping persistent acne at its tract. HF has been proven to be effective on almost all skins to WAXING procedures and cold sores. Your skin will be left feeling instantly ENERGIZED and noticeably softer in just 1 Tx, MICRO Best known as Lift & Sculpt your eyebrows, define cheek bones, tighten n firm skin, stimulate collagen growth Need a Botox alternative? or Work out for your face? Look no further... Contract & Train your muscles, just like gym workout...(Treat yourself to an easy non invasive facelift ■Anti-aging apparatus using weak electrical, low voltage "signals" traveling thru skin via a smart current technology for customized Tx with long lasting results. Stimulate muscles and skin Goal is to encourage muscles to look more defined, growth of ATP and collagen development 🔹️Hydro JellY mask: Want to achieve Natural moisture & Balance resulting in healthy, hydrated skin and in great working order? Protect your skin now from dryness and fatigue This hydrating mask Provides smoothing, moisturizing, cooling, toning and inflammation reduction, avoiding clogging of pores, usually followed by a Microdermabrasion Tx This is a New generation peel-off masks! Mix of thick fresh ingredients 🔜 supple jelly like paste, infused with a blast of electrolytes (K, Mg, Na, Cl, Ph, Bi, (natural deep moisture Balance) from algae creating vacuum like seal mask as it solidifies to push all yummy nutrients into skin's pores. Then its easily peeled off in one piece with minimal residue Enabling deeper and complete absoption , giving luxurious texture while being a potent skin moisturizer Provides deep hydration, smoothing, conditioning + toning face. Reduce inflammation. 🔸️LED facial: There is nothing like LED therapy for your best glow-up, ever. This Tx is no joke! Non-invasive beauty Tx that exposes your skin to light energy, which is then absorbed into various skin depths to stimulate Rx within skin. Combo colors lights w/ wavelengths penetrates skin to affect cellular growth/function + repair and gives healthy, youthful glow. Treats aging skin, Acne, Rosacea, Treat various conditions been around for years... Sounds innovative? That's because it is. Originally used by NASA for research n experimentation in space,,, But now it's evolved into a major skincare tool here for your self-care needs. Safe, Pain-Free, Highly effective for All skin types. Just lay down and relax underneath a light screen, NO UV light what's so ever while the device does all the heavy lifting'... Using different lights colors to trigger unique responses from the body and treat various skin issues This therapy provides clear, glowing and energized skin...No filter needed H+C stone facial: We often tense facial muscles, especially around the eyebrows. Not just the body... This isn't just indulgence, but essential to gently refresh face, melt tension + fatigue to delicate forehead, eyes, neck and decolte to stimulate stimulations + detox. Helps decongest sinus and reduce puffiness, give firmness and tonus to face, soothes headaches
    Globe🧊 rollers or Jade cooling eye mask
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    To ensure a successful Waxing experience, Please read and follow instructions : 🔶️ Please select and SPECIFY which area of the body 🔶️ Never perform on clients taking ACUTANE/Isotrentinoin (must be off at least 1 year) prior to waxing) And not recommended for clients taking Retin A/Tretinoin, Renova (R), Differin (A), or other types of thinning ACNE meds: Adapalene (acne), Alustra (Retin A), Avage (acne), Avita (Retin A), Tazarac/Tazarotene (acne), These meds can make the skin more sensitive, which can thin the skin making it more vulnerable to lifting, tearing and sensitive during waxing Other meds CONTRA indicated: Bleaching products: Hydroquinone, Trilumena Previous chemical depilatory Nair Benzol peroxide (Proactive) AHA (glycolic, lactic) Oral antibiotics or Tropical antibiotics Salicylic acid NO laser skin resurfacing in past year Wait 7 days after chemical peels or Microdermabrasion
    Face (full [$35] or specify) *Lip & Chin
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    Deep Healing

    Therapeutic Deep tissue: This massage similar to Swedish (gentler), but the slow strokes and deeper concentrated pressure aims to target the inner layers of muscle and connective tissue (fascia) in releasing chronic muscular tension, musculoskeletal issues: strains, sprains and sports injuries. 🔹️DT involves use of forearms and elbow for manipulation. DT is greatly beneficial for CHRONIC aches and pains, stiffness, soreness, or muscle rehab. 🔹️Not suitable for active inflammation! Active/Passive movement of the joints or stretches may also be part of the massage as remedial rehabilitation therapy. 🔹️DT focuses on a problem area* You may leave sore or feel sore on an area for a couple of days following therapy as muscles are opening up from tightness as the muscles are adjusting and body responding to treatment. *** No workout or strainous activity after session Allow 24 hr to resume to normal activities.
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