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  • Just Beautiful Skin Body Sculpting

    4.7 mi 100 O'Malley Dr, Building C , Suite J, Summerville, 29483

    Hydro microdermabrasion

    Hydro microdermabrasion is an advanced facial technology that will remove the dead layer of skin cells and help with new cell growth! It is gentle, non-invasive and a fantastic anti-ageing or anti-acne treatment. The treatment has three components to it.The diamond tip wand will exfoliate the skin, while the water jets will help clean the pores and hydrate the skin giving you a beautiful glow. The water jets also contain a serum that will be infused into your skin. What can hydro microdermabrasion do for me? Hydro microdermabrasion can accomplish similar results to microdermabrasion while replenishing your skin’s moisture for even more dramatic improvement.  I recommends this treatment to help people get: More even skin texture More radiant skin tone Increased skin hydration Fewer fine lines and wrinkles Smaller pores Increased circulation in the skin


    What Is Microdermabrasion? Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment that uses exfoliation to gently remove the top layer of your skin and reveal a new layer. It’s an excellent choice for those concerned about a dull complexion, uneven skin tone or texture, age or dark spots, melasma, and current acne. The treatment itself is completely painless and requires zero downtime, making it an option that’s not only perfect for almost every skin type,


    Consultation I'll will sit down with you, hear about your concerns, and give you some initial thoughts about it, at a charge of $25.00. That go toward her appointment This meeting gives you a chance to decide if you wanted the services.
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  • Serenity Now Wellness

    5.1 mi 196 Canaan Road, Ridgeville, 29472


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    Hot stone massage

  • KO Beauty Studio

    10.2 mi 210 Red Bank Rd, Unit 12, Goose Creek, 29445

    Facial treatment


    Brazilian Wax