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    15.0 mi Annapolis Rd, 1642, Odenton, 21113

    Nail Repair


    Knotless Braids


    Passion Twist

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    22.6 mi Marlboro Pike, District Heights, 20747

    Nail Repair (per finger)

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    Gel Extension Fullset

    A nail extension that utilizes gel to bind the nail tip to your natural nail. The nail tip covers the whole nail bed from cuticle to free edge. No harsh chemicals are used and it’s one of the safest ways to grow out your natural nails. Sets last about 3 weeks on average!
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    Rebalance/ Fill-In

    A rebalance/ fill-in restores the balance and structure of the nail by repairing any visible issues, reducing the length back to what it was, and of course replacing the product in the grown out area. This brings the nail back to as good as they were when they were first applied. Book this service three weeks after your fullest to maintain its integrity.