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  • Keystone Shooting Center

    10.8 mi 925 Sheraton Drive, Mars, 16046

    1-on-1 Firearms Training (1hr)

    Whether you're entirely new to shooting or you're looking to develop your existing skills, anyone can learn to improve their accuracy with one-on-one training with one of our expert instructors. We tailor each course to your unique goals.

    2-on-1 Firearms Training (1hr)

    Bring a friend or family member and hone your skills! Perfect for new shooters to experienced shooters, we will customize each session to suit the needs of each shooter!

    3-on-1 Firearms Training (1hr)

    Bring 2 friends or family members and hone your skills! Perfect for new shooters to experienced shooters, we will customize each session to suit the needs of each shooter!
  • Mobile service

    Bridge Luxury Transport

    27.9 mi Pittsburgh, 15222

    5 Passenger Quick Drops📍(10 Miles Max)

    Mobile service

    Flat Rate - Airport Pickup or Drop Off (PIT)

    Mobile service

    1 Hour - Standard Rate

    Mobile service
  • Swimming With Tara

    16.6 mi 6503 Peach Blossom St, Eastvale, 92880

    Swimming lessons


    20 min private(5years old and under)


    60 min 1 on 1 private

  • Shooters Golf

    18.3 mi 50 Pine Creek Road, Wexford, 15090

    Golf Lesson - 30 mins.


    Golf Lesson - 60 mins.

  • Mobile service

    Unique Locs & Natural Hair Care, LLC

    42.1 mi 5204 Mahoning Ave, Suite 107, Youngstown, 44515

    New Client Consultation

    Whether you are a new starter loc client or already have established locs, an in-person consultation is required. For starter locs, your stylist will do a hair and scalp analysis. For severe dandruff, Alopecia, severe scalp dermatitis etc a dermatologist visit may be required before install. We also go over pricing due to length, volume of locs, and or any repairs that need done. Same day consultation and service is possible please discuss with your stylist before booking both.

    Palm Roll Starter Locs

    Traditional Starter Locs is where your stylist would take your natural hair and finger twist/palm rolling the to the ends. This method takes about 3-6 months to loc with consistent maintenance (retwist) every 3-4 weeks. Or depending on your preference. Reminder: neither method changes the texture of your hair. You will have frizz. Please come washed and air dried. With this method you may not wash your hair until your stylist determines the loc stage can handle a wash and shampoo. If wash by the client beforehand, there will be a maintenance fee
    3h 30min

    Two Strand Starter Locs

    Palm roll the root into a two strands. Pricing starts at $200 to shoulders only. $300 from shoulders to mid back (bra length) $400 mid back to hips. In person “New Client Consult” is required before booking this service. Final pricing is determined by length, volume, and size desired. Client and stylist will agree upon final pricing before booking this service
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  • Coach & Mentor

    15.5 mi Gibsonia Rd, Gibsonia, 15044

    Where to start? Free Consultation!

    Have all these ideas but not sure where to start? Grab your free consultation.. We will touch base and figure out the best approach for you. The first is free over the phone or FaceTime!

    Brain Training

    The brain is the most complex organ in the body. Wouldn’t it be right to know how to use it? With brain training you are taught how to point out what’s holding you back and strengthen it. Make your brain work for you.

    Mindset Realignment

    Mindset realignment allows you to find direction again. Action is great but without the proper mindset for the field you are entering you will only get to a certain point and then stop. Your mindset is the sum of your knowledge, including beliefs and thoughts about the world and yourself in it. It is your filter for information you get in and put out. So it determines how you receive and react to information.
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