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Permanent Lipstick in Kissimmee

Do you love to wear lipstick but live in constant fear of smearing it onto your teeth? Maybe you have flashbacks from a dinner date gone wrong where you went to the bathroom and found your lipstick spread outside your lip line? Permanent lipstick can give the look of lipstick without the mess and dread.

Experienced permanent makeup artists in Kissimmee can change the color of your lips semi-permanently through cosmetic tattooing. Permanent lipstick will stay on through your dinner date, company meeting, and even your trip to the beach. Don’t worry! If you want to change things up for a special occasion, you can always apply another lip color over it.

Quit worrying about keeping your lip color in place and book your appointment for permanent lipstick in Kissimmee, Fl. today!

What is Permanent Lipstick?

Permanent lipstick offers clients long-lasting lip color that can’t be smeared or wiped off. Permanent lipstick uses tiny needles to inject the client’s desired lipcolor into the lips, using a method sometimes called cosmetic tattooing. The new pigment can last up to three years in the dermis of the skin before fading naturally.

Many clients decide to maintain their color through touch-up appointments. Sun exposure can cause permanent lipstick to fade more quickly, so clients should apply an SPF-containing chapstick or gloss to their lips before spending time outside.

Clients with allergies and sensitive skin or eyes find that permanent makeup does not cause the irritation they get from traditional makeup products.

How Long is an Appointment for Permanent Lipstick in Kissimmee?

An appointment for permanent lipstick in Kissimmee, Fl. lasts about 1½ -2 hours.

How Much Does an Appointment for Permanent Lipstick Cost in Kissimmee?

In Kissimmee, Fl., permanent lipstick costs $425 for full color and $250 for liner.

How Can I Book an Appointment for Permanent Lipstick in Kissimmee?

Give your lips a splash of permanent color! Take a look at the listings above to find the best permanent makeup artists in Kissimmee, Fl., or use the free Booksy app to schedule your appointment today.