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  • StayUnbroken

    8.8 mi 2204 NW Roosevelt St, portland, 97210

    PT Evaluation - Cash Pay Model

    A comprehensive thorough orthopedic evaluation consisting of detailed history, movement assessment, performance analysis, strength assessment, special testing, and plan of care development

    PT Follow Up - Cash Pay Model

    After the initial evaluation has been performed, physical therapy follow up appointment includes treatment, reassessment, home program development, consultation to prepare for independent management and return to activity

    PT Evaluation - Insurance Model

  • Go To The Zone Wellness, LLC

    13.8 mi 18676 SW Boones Ferry Rd, Tualatin, 97062

    Mindful Flow

    with ~Cynthia Pedraza~ Accessible, graceful, liberating. These accessible grounded class is a fluid meditative flow. You'll move through creative yoga sequences at an intentionally unhurried (but steady) pace to reconnect with your breath and healthy natural rhythms. ~ 60 minutes ~ Fridays @ 10am

    Relaxing Yoga

    with ~Cynthia Pedraza~ Grounding, gentle, soothing. Gentle class designed to melt away stress and unnecessary tension tension. You'll practice gentle, restorative & yin yoga poses as well as meditation techniques to help you nourish your body mind and soul- often using props like pillows and blankets for the ultimate support. ~ 60 minutes ~ Wednesdays @ 4pm

    Special ~ Gentle Yoga, Meditation, Singing Bowls

    An invitation to explore an inward and introspective energy both on and off our yoga mats. In this 90 minute practice we will slow down, contemplate, experience gratitude, abundance, and letting go through gentle yoga, meditation, and singing bowls. 90 minutes ~ Cynthia Pedraza