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    Head to Toe Healing

    17.9 mi 1880 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, 10305
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    Back, Neck, Head Stress and Anxiety Reduction

    1. Chronic Back Pain: Massage therapy can help relieve chronic back pain caused by muscle tension, poor posture, or injury. 2. Shoulder Impingement: Massage can help reduce pain and improve mobility in cases of shoulder impingement, where the tendons in the shoulder become compressed. 3. Neck Tension and Stiffness: Massage therapy can target the neck muscles to relieve tension, reduce stiffness, and improve range of motion. 4. Headaches and Migraines: Massage techniques focused on the head, neck, and shoulders can help alleviate headaches and migraines caused by muscle tension and stress. 5. Whiplash: Massage therapy can aid in the recovery from whiplash injuries by reducing pain, increasing circulation, and improving muscle flexibility. 6. Postural Imbalances: Massage can address postural imbalances, such as rounded shoulders and forward head posture, which can lead to chronic neck and shoulder pain. 7. Upper Back Tension: Massage techniques targeting the upper back can help release tension and reduce discomfort caused by muscle knots and tightness. 8. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: Massage therapy can assist in relieving thoracic outlet syndrome, a condition where the nerves and blood vessels in the neck and shoulder area become compressed. 9. Stress and Anxiety: Massage is known for its ability to promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety, which can often manifest as tension in the back, shoulders, neck, and head. 10. Muscular Strains and Sprains: Massage can aid in the healing process of muscular strains and sprains in the back, shoulders, and neck by reducing pain and promoting circulation to the affected area.
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    Help with these issues in these areas feel back, neck and head.
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    Achilles & Sciatica Imbalance Correction

    1. Muscle Tension: Can help relieve muscle tightness and reduce tension in the legs, hips, and feet. 2. Sprains and Strains: Can assist in the healing process and reduce pain and inflammation associated with sprained or strained muscles. 3. Plantar Fasciitis: Massage techniques can help alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis by targeting the muscles and tissues of the foot. 4. IT Band Syndrome: Massage therapy can address tightness and tension in the iliotibial (IT) band, a common cause of hip and knee pain. 5. Shin Splints: Massage can help reduce muscle tightness and inflammation along the shinbone, providing relief from shin splints. 6. Achilles Tendonitis: Massage therapy can help promote blood flow, relaxation, and healing in the calf muscles and Achilles tendon. 7. Sciatica: Massage techniques targeting the muscles of the lower back, hips, and legs can help alleviate pain associated with sciatic nerve compression. 8. Muscle Imbalances: Massage therapisty can assist in identifying and addressing muscle imbalances that contribute to leg, hip, and foot pain. 9. Lower Leg Swelling: Massage techniques such as lymphatic drainage can help reduce swelling and improve circulation in the legs and feet. 10. General Relaxation: Massage therapists offers overall relaxation and stress reduction, which can benefit the entire body, including the legs, hips, and feet.
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    Help with these issues in these areas Stomach, Face and Chest
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    Stomach, Face and Chest Muscle Tension Release

    1. TMJ Dysfunction: Massage therapy can help alleviate jaw tension and pain associated with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction. 2. Sinusitis: Massage techniques focused on the face and head can help relieve congestion and promote drainage in cases of sinusitis. 3. Facial Tension and Jaw Clenching: Massage can help reduce tension in the facial muscles and alleviate symptoms of jaw clenching, teeth grinding, and facial pain. 4. Digestive Issues: Massage techniques applied to the abdomen can aid in digestion, reduce bloating, and alleviate discomfort associated with digestive issues. 5. Acid Reflux: Massage therapy can help relax the muscles in the chest and abdomen, potentially reducing symptoms of acid reflux. 6. Neck and Chest Tightness: Massage techniques targeting the neck, chest, and upper back can help relieve muscle tension and tightness in these areas. 7. Migraines and Tension Headaches: Massage therapy focused on the head, neck, and shoulders can help alleviate migraines and tension headaches. 8. Scar Tissue: Massage techniques can assist in breaking down scar tissue in the face, stomach, chest, neck, and head, improving flexibility and reducing adhesions. 9. Stress and Anxiety: Massage is known for its ability to promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety, which can manifest as tension in the face, stomach, chest, neck, and head. 10. Post-Surgical Recovery: Massage can aid in the recovery process after facial, abdominal, or chest surgeries by reducing swelling, improving circulation, and promoting tissue healing.
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    10.6 mi 1057 RUTLAND ROAD, Floor 1, Floor 1, Brooklyn, 11212
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    Hair color

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  • Glitter Mami Nails

    13.8 mi 5225 Broadway 225st, First chair 💖, Bronx, 10463
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    Gel manicure for him👔

    Russian manicure, nail cutting and shaping, cbd+mint hand scrub, cbd+coconut oil and cream hand massage.

    Gel manicure for her🎀

    Russian manicure, nail cutting and shaping, cbd+mint hand scrub, cbd+coconut oil and cream hand massage one color gel included.

    Gel pedicure 🫧🌸

    nail prep, cuticle care, callus remover, lavender+mint salt, cbd+mint scrub, cbd+coconut oil and cream with a foot massage and one color gel with top coat .
  • Carlos Arroyo Physical Therapy

    10.1 mi 346 East 49th Street Apt 2C, New York, 10017

    Initial Evaluation PT

    This is your first visit here. Please wear comfortable clothing and come 10 minutes earlier to fill out any paperwork. Please bring insurance card, imaging/ studies/ reports and prescription if you have it. If you don't have these, it's ok.

    Outpatient Physical Therapy

    Outpatient Orthopedic Physical Therapy focused on delivering results in an efficient manner. Our patients often able to avoid surgery with the level of care provided.

    Home Visit

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    789 Moblie Massage

    11.0 mi Manhattan, New York, 10001

    Mobile Massage Services New York City

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    11.3 mi 906 E 180th St, Suite 202, Bronx, 10460

    Full Body Exfoliation

    A full-body exfoliation combined Sudatonic treatment and essential oils which should rest on the skin overnight. Showers are not available at this time.


    Over the years many people start getting localized fat deposits in certain parts of the body and turn up to different alternatives to get rid of those areas with flabby skin and fatty deposits. One of the most innovative and minimally invasive treatments, approved by the FDA, is the Laser Lipo Slimming. It treats the undesired areas safely by carrying a wave of laser light to break up fat cells and stimulate collagen production to tighten the skin. Related products

    Hyperhidrosis Treatment

    Alopecia, also known as hair loss, affects men and women. This treatment includes peelings selected for your specific condition to stimulate hair growth.

    8.4 mi 35-42 31st St, Astoria, Astoria 11106

    Men's spa


    Body scrub


    Couples spa

  • Genesis hair Studio & Day Spa

    19.2 mi 856 Kearny Ave, Kearny, NJ, 07032

    Cellulite Body Consultation

    If you decide to start your treatment the same day of your consultation the $25 will be assigned to the amount of your session.


    To Become a member, you have to pay a Fee of $500 for 6 Months Membership and pay $150 each session. This Membership Includes: Ultrasonic RF Cavitation, Radio Frequency, wood therapy, vacuum therapy, EMS sculpt, Vella Shape, Cryo T Shock, Jordy Body Shape, I Lipo Laser, Cool Sculpting, Vanquish Me, Mesotherapy, etc. We combine ALL our sculpting treatments to give you the best results possible. Each session is 2 hours long and is custom built to meet each client's unique needs. DOWN PAYMENT IT IS NOT REFUNDABLE


    INCLUDES CRYO TSHOCK REG. PRICE $350 PER SESSION EMSSCULPT REG. $350 CRYO-TSHOCK BENEFITS Fat Loss – reduces fat cells typically resistant to diet and exercise alone Reduction in Cellulite Appearance – targets subcutaneous dimpling fat . Toned and Tightened Skin – improves skin elasticity EMSSCULPT BENEFITS Fat Reduction and Fat Loss. Losing excess weight and eliminating stubborn pockets of fat can be difficult, despite exercising regularly and eating healthful, nutritious foods. Enhanced Muscle-Building and Muscle-Toning. The electromagnetic energy emitted by the EmSSculpt device stimulates extremely powerful muscle contractions that cannot be replicated with routine workouts at the gym.
    1h 30min

    19.2 mi 572 Market St, Newark, 07105

    Nose wax/ Depilacao cera nariz


    Axilla/ Axila


    Full Leg/ Perna Inteira

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  • Pain Physicians NY

    11.9 mi 2279 Coney Island Ave, Ste 200, Brooklyn, NY, 11223

    Outpatient Drug Rehab Center

    Consultation with treatment if necessary

    Medical Marijuana Treatment

  • Stem Cell Therapy

    11.9 mi 2279 Coney Island Ave #100, Brooklyn, NY, 11223


    Elbow Injuries Treatment

    Hand and Wrist Injuries Treatment

  • Reclaimed Being Massage

    6.2 mi Eldert St, Brooklyn, NY, 11238

    Chris’ Signature Massage

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep Tissue Massage

  • Telogen Salon and Hair Restoration Center

    13.0 mi 89 Washington St. Second fl, Hoboken NJ, 07030

    Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

    Free consultation included

    Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment

    Same day washing, price is based on length and texture

    Keratin Treatment

    Price is based on length and texture
  • Crown Worthy

    11.5 mi 369 West 35 Street, New York, NY, 10001

    Soothe Signature Scalp Treatment

    Scalp Exfoliation (For Dry


  • ReBalance

    10.1 mi 635 Madison Ave, Ste 1400, New York, NY, 10022

    ReBalance 360 Executive Wellness Program

    Hair Loss and Hair regeneration program

    Revitalize Your Sexual Health (men)

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