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  • Love, LiAiesha Hair

    16.5 mi Eastcrest Dr., Charlotte, 28205

    Half up half down

    Half up half down quick weave style . $15 more for braid patterns

    “Just Show up” Knotless Box Braid Prep!!

    Just show up! All your scalp and hair needs before your PROTECTIVE STYLE! Hair and scalp MUST be set up for success or else it ISN’T A PROTECTIVE STYLE!

    Small Knotless Box braids (Hair included)

    Mid back length included ** Feed in method used for protective styles! Very light weight looks COMPLETELY natural (braids growing from scalp). Great for transitioning, natural or relaxed hair. **WASHES AND BLOWOUTS MUST BE SCHEDULED FOR TIMING PURPOSES! Please understand that the hair is prepped ahead of time PRIOR to your appointment to ENSURE you’re appointment time remains on schedule. This process can take hours sometimes! This is why it is so important to arrive on time WITH HAIR PREPED (CLEAN, DETANGLED and blown out STRAIGHT) so that you’re not here all day. id absolutely love to and encourage getting your hair washed and blown out the same day. However, it MUST be scheduled. 🥰 P.S (When I mention "clean" "prepped hair", that doesn't mean I won't wash it if needed. It means WASHES MUST BE SCHEDULED to remain ON schedule. I CANNOT and WILL NOT service anyone who has gone 4+ weeks without washes and detangling, FOR TIMING & INFECTION CONTROL) Thank you so much for your understanding and for your continued support! - Li’Aiesha
  • The Divas Beauty Salon & Spa

    17.3 mi 3847 Rosehaven Dr, Charlotte, NC, 28205

    Haircut & Style Short Hair


    Haircut & Treatment short hair

    Blowout including

    Womens Haircut

  • Healing Avenue

    15.4 mi 1811 Sardis Road N, Suite 207, Charlotte, 28270

    Deep Tissue (firm to very deep pressure)

    Option 1
    Option 2
    Option 3

    Swedish Massage (light to medium pressure)

    Option 1
    Option 2
    Option 3

    Therapeutic Custom Full Body (mixed modalities)

    This full body service will help you feel renewed; utilizing a combined mixture of deep tissue and Swedish strokes.