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  • phoenix cleaning

    6.3 mi Lydia Ave, San Francisco, 94124

    Phoenix cleaning

    1h 30min

    Phoenix Cleaning

  • The2TiteXperience

    13.8 mi 2345 Valdez Street, Suite 106, Oakland, 94612

    Wash, Condition And Blowdry


    Braid Down

    This is the braid down foundation for a Wig Install which includes around 6 to 8 braids depending on head size
    1h 15min

    Detangle/Dematting Hair

    Due to the severity and condition of hair this can be a real tedious and time consuming process....
  • ResoluteRehab: Deirdre McLoughlin, PT, DPT

    14.0 mi 1061 Eastshore Highway, Suite 207, Albany, 94710

    PT Evaluation and Treatment

    Comprehensive Physical Therapy evaluation for new patient or new injury: Examining Range of Motion, Strength, Function, Neuro and Mobility. Initial treatment including hands on manual therapy and rehab program given for home progression.
    1h 30min

    PT Follow up visit: 40 minutes

    40 minute follow up visits after PT Evaluation. Continued one on one reassessment, manual therapy, exercise progression and functional progression.

    PT Follow up Extended: 55 min

    55 minute follow up visits after PT evaluation. Continued one on one reassessment, manual therapy, exercise progression and functional progression for clients needing more time.
  • Revive Bodywork / Massage Therapy by Manny

    10.8 mi C/O Oasis Physical Therapy #1 Blackfield Drive, Tiburon, 94941

    Deep Tissue Massage (60 mins)

    Please give a 5 min. leeway to sanitize room before we start our session. 🙏🏻❤️ Proof of Vaccination for 1st time clients needed Please wear your mask before, during & after session. REFERRAL IS MUCH APPRECIATED

    Deep Tissue Massage (90 mins)

    Please give a 5 min. leeway to sanitize room before we start our session. 🙏🏻❤️ Proof of Vaccination for 1st time clients needed Please wear your mask before, during & after session REFERRAL IS MUCH APPRECIATED
    1h 30min
  • Moi Lash Spa

    15.9 mi 1702 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA, 94707

    4week fill

    1h 45min

    1 week lash fill


    Lash Repair Done Elsewhere

    If you have already received eyelash extensions from another establishment, there is an initial fee of 125.00 to ensure we can work with the lashes. Once your lashes are analyzed we will decide if a fill can be done, or if removal is needed for a new set application full price. ***NO EXCEPTIONS***
    1h 20min
  • Whole Athlete Performance Center

    15.0 mi 7C Mariposa Ave., San Anselmo, 94960

    Precision Bike Ftting (1 Bike)

    A comprehensive bike fitting. Get a ride that's comfortable, efficient, powerful, and uniquely yours.

    Precision Bike Fit (2 Bikes)

    Fitting for one person with two bikes. Includes all bike types except time trial/triathlon bike. TT/Tri bikes include additional fee.

    Fit for New Bike Purchase

    First we’ll fine-tune your current bike, or use our fully adjustable size-cycle to determine the exact position that’s right for you. Then we’ll provide Computer Aided Design (BikeCAD) models of new bike options based on your optimal fit, including frame size, components, seat post, stem, handlebars, and even gearing recommendations. Once you have the new bike, bring it in for your follow up fit – the final step of the process.
  • Traveling service

    Sweet Tooth Gems & GRILLZ

    21.0 mi 15287A Hesperian Blvd,, Inside Cre8tive Mindz salon, Rear of salon, San Leandro, 94578

    Wedding/Event GLAMBRITE

    GLAMBRITE includes five 5 star services: 1) full face make up (includes glitter add-on) 2) lip 3) eyelash application 4) 30 minute teeth whitening 5) 1 tooth gem (optional) *Your teeth whitening and gem(s) will be placed first. Make up by Gracie @graciondabeat 1 (510) 938-9343 Teeth Whitening & Gems by Shana @sweettoothgemsandgrillz
    2h 30min

    Large Group Teeth Whitening (4-8 people)

    This package is good for up to 4-8 person group. Receive a 30 min teeth whitening sessions per person. We can accommodate group sessions. Maintenance kit included for each guest. Tooth gloss to protect teeth results will be applied.
    4 person group whitening
    6 person group whitening
    8 person group whitening

    Tooth Gem Party Package (10 gems)

    Tooth gem parties 🧁 Tooth Gemz are the NEW party favor! Have the most memorable party. Your guest will leave with a BLING 💎! What’s included? 💎10 Swarovski gemS (Extra gems may be purchased). ✨$15 off gold gems 🧁 2 dozen blinged cupcakes, cookies OR candy apples 🍎 🎁 $10 gift certificate for up to 10 guest. Good for 30 days ⏰ 4 hours of technicians time BONUS: Keepsake photobook
    Traveling service
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Physical therapy in San Francisco

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Or perhaps you’re experiencing pain due to injury or a prior condition? If your issues are persistent, you’d likely benefit from consulting with a physical therapist. These highly trained professionals are experts at both evaluating the physical function of the body as well as treating any abnormalities present. Like many other wellness and health-related services, you can easily find providers of physical therapy in San Francisco on Booksy! Not only can you locate a great selection of physical therapists near you, you’ll also be able to book your selection with just the click of a button. Sounds easy enough? It is! Give the Booksy mobile app a try by downloading it from your iOS or Android app store. Otherwise, you can always access Booksy from your desktop or laptop computer via Booksy.com. What is physical therapy and how does it work? Also commonly known as “physiotherapy”, physical therapy is a healthcare practice that helps the body restore or maintain its function. The specialists working in this field, called physical therapists (which are also referred to as physiotherapists or PTs), are the licensed professionals that are eligible to provide the practice of physical therapy. Physical therapists aren’t medical doctors, however, they do hold a DPT or Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate degree and have highly specialized training within their field. There are quite a number of reasons why someone may need to visit a physical therapist, with the scope including both minor and more complex issues. Some of the most common reasons for seeing a physical therapist include pain relief, recovery from injury or surgery, managing chronic pain, postpartum recovery, adapting to a prosthetic, learning to use a walker or cane, or even for prevention of having to get surgery in the future. When you visit a physical therapist for the first time, they’ll first consult with you about your problems and physically examine you. During this consultation portion, they may ask about your general medical history, specific questions about your symptoms, and your ability complete day to day tasks. They also may administer mobility tests to check things such as your posture or the degree of ability of movement. Following this, you’ll likely receive a diagnosis from your physical therapist and you’ll work together to come up with some sort of treatment plan. Each treatment plan is created specifically for the patient’s needs, but most treatment plans can include outpatient sessions with your physical therapist and also at-home exercises or instructions to help minimize your problem. When it comes to meeting with your therapist for scheduled physical therapy sessions, they can take place in a few different locations. Typically, you’ll find that physical therapists work in a variety of settings like hospitals, private medical offices, sports medicine centers, outpatient physical therapy clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, assisted living centers, and even schools or universities. These days, many physical therapists even offer at-home visits, so that you can conveniently benefit from a physical therapy session in the comfort of your own home.  How do I choose the best business for physical therapy in San Francisco?  Before scouring the entire web for “the best physical therapy near me”, look into your options on Booksy! Our app is basically a database for trustworthy customer reviews, which will help you in your process of discovering the best business for physical therapy in San Francisco. How to get started? First, launch the Booksy app or view Booksy on the web and locate the search bar at the top of the page. Once you’ve done that, input the relevant search information into the three required fields. There, make sure to include which specific service you’d like to schedule an appointment for (physical therapy), your current location in (San Francisco), and your desired appointment timeframe (select one that works best for you). Now, you can view nearby physical therapy businesses and see their reviews. Another thing you can do is use the “Sort by” button to quickly order the search results by “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed”.