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  • Cherelle Renee Inc.

    6.4 mi F, Atlanta, GA, 30329

    Client Consultation

    In our Client Consultations, we will discuss and perform Proper Hair & Scalp Analysis in determining your specific Hair Care Needs. Not only are we informing ourselves with your previous and current Hair Condition but we're educating every client on THEIR specific needs. No one's hair is the SAME. We will discover and establish your Hair History, Color & Chemical History, Hair/Scalp Complications, Current Hair Condition, Porosity and Elasticity, Curl Pattern/Formation, Density, Daily Regimens, Lifestyle and more.

    Color Consultation

    If you're thinking of coloring your hair, a hair color consultation is a MUST. Whether you're a newbie to the world of color or have done it for years but just want to try something completely different, you'll benefit from this service. Sitting in a comfortable chair and allowing a highly experienced colorist to examine your hair and determine which color or colors would best suit your features is the ideal choice whether you're a first-timer or true to the color game. Color consultations focus on several key points: -Colorist will ask the client a few simple questions to get things started on the right foot. What type of color is the client looking for? Does he or she want a subtle or more dramatic change? Does the client want highlights or lowlights? Color History? -Skin tone, facial features and eye color are evaluated. As an expert colorist, we take these into consideration to choose the client's ideal shade. -The hair's texture is also evaluated in a Proper Hair Analysis. -The colorist will also recommend several hair products for the client to use at home in order to best prepare and maintain the color and style, if applicable.

    Amino Therapy Consultation

    Before we proceed with your Amino Acid Therapy Treatment, we want to make sure that your Hair Condition is acceptable to this type of treatment. This is a personalized service industry, so when it comes to "Treatment" we like to ensure we're dedicated to the client's Specific Hair Care Needs. What is Amino Acid? Amino Acids are organic compounds described as “the Building Blocks of Protein” and make up a large proportion of our tissue and muscles, giving cells their particular structure. They are essential to the use for storing Nutrients and facilitating their movement. About 1/5 of the human body is made of Protein. Where as though, Hair is made up of Protein and Melanin. About 88% of your hair is made of Protein-Keratin. Is an Amino Acid Therapy Treatment System an option for you? Whether you wear your hair in a sleek style, curly natural style or protective style, the Amino Acid treatment can be a great option for you. Some clients like the idea of having semi-looser curls, so when wearing a wash n go, her curls are more defined and elongated. Other’s may get the treatment to help keep the hair from naturally reverting as easy, while exercising and/or during hot, humid days.
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    Monroe Massage

    6.4 mi Atlanta, 30329


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  • Bawdy By Kesh Body & Beauty Spa LLC.

    3.9 mi 256 Walker St SW, Suite 7, Atlanta, 30313

    Body Contouring (1 Area)

    NON-INVASIVE LIPO (arms, back, chin, thighs, stomach) Non-Invasive Laser Lipo is a weight-loss treatment that uses low-frequency sound waves to burst fat cells, which results in lost inches on the treated areas.

    Body Contouring Package 3 Sessions


    Body Contouring Package 5 Sessions

  • Trinity Performance Center

    3.0 mi 1439 Mayson st NE, Atlanta, GA, 30324

    Initial chiropractic consultation/session


    Chiropractic adjustment

    It’s a proprietary treatment protocol using manual and instrument assisted therapies designed to biomechanically balance the physical body


    Soft tissue technique that helps optimize performance, restore function and speed up healing
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    1.3 mi Northside Cir NW, 500, Gg16, Atlanta, 30309

    Nude massage

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    GoHard Nation LLC

    5.5 mi Pinhurst Dr, Atlanta, 30339

    Express Session💨

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    Booty & Ab Blaster 🍑

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    5.3 mi Atlanta, 30339


    This is an in person consultation to visually look and see what you want to work on and or how many sessions you need.
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    3 sessions for $150

    3 (1 hour) sessions for $150 Services available for this special; Bodysculpting/ Cavitation, Buttocks Enhancements, Breast Lifts, Wood Therapy Massages, and Lymphatic Drainage Massages with cups.
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    A cosmetic procedure that uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells and hair from your face.
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  • Marie’s Finest Bundles Salon

    16.8 mi 5370 Campbellton Fairburn Rd, Suite 610, Fairburn, 30213

    Free Consultation


    Note to Clients

    Hair must be thoroughly combed out free of loose hair prior to appointment ready for Shampoo service. If hair is not combed out could lead to cancellation of appointment. Comb out service fee-$25 and up

    Comb Out Service

    Hair must be thoroughly combed out free of loose hair prior to appointment ready for shampoo service. If hair is not combed out could lead to cancellation of appointment. That’s why we offer this service that you can book along with your appointment.
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    Atlanta Youth Development Sports Clinic

    16.9 mi Old Roswell Rd, 770, C200, Roswell, 30075

    Private Training- (Chastain Park Hill Top Fields)

    This is a high intensity training session focused on ball skills, passing, shooting

    Group Training (Chastain Park Hill Top Fields)


    Injury Recovery

Most popular treatments

Physical Therapist in Atlanta

Multiple circumstances predispose us to pain and other complications that require physical therapy treatment. Physical therapy is one of the most applied modes of treatment in the healthcare sector today. Currently, there are roughly 1,600,000 registered physical therapists worldwide. The United States alone has more than 230,000 licensed therapists. Following statistics, U.S physical therapists attend to approximately 200 patients weekly. There are many reasons you might need physical therapy treatment, including pain from injuries, chronic ailments or the desire to keep fit. Booksy.com is here to assist you in getting high-quality services from the top physiotherapists in Atlanta. The ongoing pandemic has seen many people working from home, which means the rate of sedentary lifestyle continues to escalate. How can you improve your physical fitness? At booksy, you have the chance to hire the best-known physiotherapists and chiropractors in Atlanta to cater for your needs and those of your loved ones.

Physiotherapist Online Appointments

Booksy.com offers you an opportunity to schedule your appointment through our online reservation system. We understand that physiotherapy is a demanding procedure, with over 200 patients visiting rehabilitation centers and clinics daily. We are happy to meet the health demands of our clients by providing a 24/7 online operation system that you can efficiently operate to find the best physiotherapists in Atlanta, depending on your needs. We are happy to say that most of our customers are in touch with their physician-referred physical therapists through our fantastic website. More so, most of our enlisted therapists do home visits for the senior population and clients in intense pain. In conjunction with that, booksy.com has an effective operation system, thus guaranteeing instant replies for all our clients.

What Does a Physiotherapist Do?

A physical therapist specializes in treating individuals with mobility difficulties caused by illnesses, disabilities, and injuries. The professionals initiate massage, manipulation of body parts, exercise, and other treatments to reduce pain, restore mobile function, and manage a disability that results from a chronic complication.

Types of Physical Therapy

• Neurological Therapy

Neurological therapy treats mobility difficulties caused by complications associated with the spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and brain. It is one of the best treatment procedures for neurological disorders such as stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, depression, Parkinson’s disease, and bipolar syndrome.

• Musculoskeletal Therapy

Also known as orthopaedic therapy, this type of physiotherapy is designed to treat muscle and skeletal pains through the mobilization of soft tissues. Musculoskeletal therapy is the primary procedure used to treat headaches, joint misalignments, muscle strains, shin splints and managing osteoarthritis, to mention a few.

• Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory physiotherapy addresses breathing problems by clearing the airway. A respiratory physiotherapist uses procedures that eliminate secretions and other toxic substances that interfere with the entire breathing pathway. Respiratory physiotherapy is beneficial for individuals with;

1. Pneumonia

2. Asthma


4. Bronchiectasis

5. Post-respiratory surgery respiratory difficulties

• Cardiovascular Physiotherapy

Cardiovascular physiotherapy assists in treating and managing health complications of the lungs and heart. The treatment procedure mainly addresses the following conditions.

1. Coronary Heart Disease

2. Congenital Heart Disease

3. Rheumatic Heart Disease

4. Peripheral Arterial Disease

5. Heart attack

6. Stroke

7. Arrhythmia

Benefits of Physiotherapy

I) Improved physical fitness

II) Recovery from respiratory diseases

III) Recovery from neurological complications

IV) Recovery from cardiovascular diseases

V) Prevention of respiratory infections

VI) Improved balance and stability

VII) Excellent management of age-related chronic conditions

VIII) Recovery from injuries

IX) Pain reduction

Finding the Best Physical Therapy in Atlanta

With the current high demand for physiotherapists, there are also many fraudsters pretending to be certified professionals. Booksy.com exists to save you from such circumstances. Our enlisted physiotherapists are local registered Atlanta’s doctors whose only interest is improving and restoring your functional independence. You have various options regarding finding a convenient professional for your needs because our platform shows the ratings and verified reviews of every physical therapist.

Physical Therapist Cost

A physical therapy specialist in Atlanta costs anything between $20 and $200. Prices vary because physiotherapy comprises multiple procedures depending on the unique needs of every patient. For instance, an individual that requires both neurological and cardiovascular physiotherapies pays more money than an individual who needs musculoskeletal physiotherapy alone.

Any Physical Therapy Sessions Open Now?

Booksy.com comes in handy at any time of your need. You can log in to our website to confirm the official open hours of all our professionals in Atlanta. Furthermore, most of our registered specialists are comfortable making time for you beyond their official working hours. This is mainly for emergencies and patients with severe chronic conditions.

Affordable Specialists in Atlanta

Our website enables you to find the best physical thera specialist that fits your budget quickly. Log in to our platform, search for physiotherapy sessions, and sort the list by price. Luckily, we have professionals who offer discount costs. More so, insurances can cover part of the cost of physical therapy services because they are effective medical-related procedures.

Physical Therapy Near Me

Booksy.com comprises licensed therapists from all over Atlanta city. Using our search engine, you will quickly locate a physiotherapy center near you by indicating your current location.

Physiotherapy sessions are currently in high demand, and the rate will continue to escalate in the near future. It might be challenging to access physiotherapy services due to the high number of clients booking sessions daily. However, booksy.com makes this a walk in the park by connecting you with the closest, most spectacular, reliable and licensed physiotherapists in Atlanta city.