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  • Royal Treatment Studios

    6.2 mi 3505 Wurzbach Rd, Suite 110, San Antonio, 78238

    Lift ME +Butt INFUSION ๐Ÿ‘

    Bootylicious Liquid Booty ๐Ÿ’‰ correct skin depression, add volume to hollow areas, create fullness, and reduce the signs of aging/sagging. ๐Ÿ‘We use Messo Muscle to build Musscle & Gluetox to give you volume and add fluff ๐Ÿ‘Perfect if you want to fill up the hip deep ๐Ÿ‘100% natural and safe to the body visible results can be seen 3-7 days after treatment. ๐Ÿ‘A session once a week is recommended until desired goals are reached as big as you would like to get you can also come in every 15days in between sessions you can come in once a week to get brazilian vacuum butt lift. Butt infusions improve the appearance of skin and muscle tone giving a tighter look. Helps regenerate muscular mass conditions. It works like constituent of muscular proteins and stimulates of anabolism. Improves the appearance of the booty area. Visibly improves skins firmness. Tightens and smooths the booty skin leaving it looking and feeling happier and healthier. Meso Serums to lift and plump. โœจDermatologist tested โœจLong term permanent results After care โœจHydration is very crucial during this process please drink water โœจButt lifting Garment ๐ŸŒŸ Do squats Get your booty plumed ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ 30mins of Booty Cupping Butt infusions + Booty Cupping $175 10ML Let's build you a booty
    2h 40min

    Emsculpt Ab Sculpting Muscle BUILDING

    YOU CAN build pure muscle and destroy fat, with the FDA approved EMSCULPT! 20,000 perfect sit-ups or squats done without breaking a sweat!! With EMSCULPT itโ€™s not only just possible, itโ€™s a new way of life!๐Ÿ‹๏ธโ€โ™€๏ธ We can treat: โ†’ Abs โ†’ Glutes โ†’ Arms โ†’ Thighs What is EMSCULPT EMSCULPT is the first device to build muscle and sculpt your body. Through the high intensity electromagnetic therapy procedure one can enlarge current muscles, as well as grow new muscle fibers. The Emsculpt procedure is currently FDA cleared to treat your abdominals, buttocks, arms, calves and thighs. A great non-surgical alternative to the brazilian butt lift. How Does EMSCULPT work? EMSCULPT is based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. A single EMSCULPT session causes thousands of powerful muscle contractions which are extremely important in improving the tone and strength of your muscles. These powerful induced muscle 20k Squats 20k Sit-Ups EMSculpt creates an electromagnetic field to burn fat and build muscle. Approximately 20,000 muscle contractions per session. 4-6 sessions recommended, visual results seen within 6 weeks of last session. Treatment area-abdomen, arms, buttocks,calf, thighs. Pricing includes laser lipo Tummy Snatcher Chin Laser Lipo 1 Sessions $120 4 Sessions $440 ($40 savings) 6 Sessions $630 ($60 savings) 8 Sessions $800 ($160 savings)
    1h 5min

    ๐Ÿ‘ PEACH ME PLEASE (Single Session)

    Vacuum Butt lift: Raises and enlarges buttocks without surgery. Increases skin flexibility. Decreases muscle tension. Lifts, tightens, and times buttocks. Each session is equivalent to doing over 1,800 squats. Clients see an immediate change in appearance after the first session, with optimum and permanent results after 6 to 8 sessions. Includes: Laser lipo Tummy Snatcher ๐Ÿชต Wood Therapy for cellulite on legs ๐Ÿฆต G5 Machine Laser lipo on Chin 1 Session $70 4 Session $264 Saving $16 6 Session $372 Saving $48 8 Session $464 Saving $96
    1h 30min
  • Forever Young Body Sculpting

    8.0 mi 18730 Stone Oak Parkway, Suite 106, San Antonio, 78258


    Please book a consultation, to be able to provide you with the best treatment plan for your areas of concerns.

    InfraRed Body Wrap

    Benefits include, Burn up to 600 calories per session. Far infrared improves circulation and oxygenation, which promotes nutrient exchange between cells and the discharge of toxins. Improving circulation has a wide range of other benefits that can improve the health of your entire body. Also helps with Arthritis.
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    Cryo Skin Slimming & Body Toning (5 Sessions)

    Have you been searching for a non-invasive procedure to help reduce your body fat? Then Fat Freezing performed in our center may be the solution for you. With this procedure that lasts only 30 minutes to an hour per area, a special tool will be used to siphon fat from targeted areas in your body. Many patients have seen fat reduction of up to 25% in as short a time as a few simple treatments per targeted area. You'll look better, reduce unsightly bulges, and will give your body a healthier leaner look. So, if you want to look and feel great, then give us a call today to see if fat freezing is right for you.
  • Euphoria

    10.9 mi Call for location, San Antonio, 78245

    Brazilian wax


    Bikini wax


    Underarm wax

  • D N MAXX salon

    3.2 mi 6245 Vance Jackson Rd suite #2, San Antonio, 78230



    Color retouch

    This is for a single color service, typically for gray coverage or a single color of new growth
    1h 40min

    All over color

    This service includes One solid color applied from new growth to the ends. Shampoo conditioner and blow-dry included. Any additional color mixed is an extra $20 added.
    2h 15min
  • Golden Apple Day Spa

    3.5 mi 8400 Blanco Rd., 204, San Antonio, 78216

    Simply Swedish

    If you are new to massage or just looking to relax, this full body massage is for you. Long, flowing massage strokes make this massage extremely soothing. Relax and unwind as the tensions of the day disappear.
    Option 1
    1h 20min
    Option 2


    Relax, sooth, and refresh as we craft three custom blends of essential oils for your service. Using them at various points throughout the massage.
    Option 1
    1h 20min
    Option 2

    Mother to be Prenatal Massage

    Gentle aromatherapy massage for mothers-to-be. Using wild rose, lavender and rosehip oil expect a great massage with added rose floral water for a lighter feel โ€“ excellent for cell regeneration, circulation and stretch mark prevention. Special adjustable cushions and bolsters make this a safe and soothing massage for mothers-to-be. Must be at least in their second trimester.
    Option 1
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  • Michaelโ€™s Touch

    4.7 mi 13230 Blanco Road, San Antonio, 78216

    Reflexology - Pampering Feet/Student Rate

    60 Minute Massage

    Option 1
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    Option 3

    Advance Purchase 3 Sessions /60 Minute Massage

    Advance Purchase Sessions 3 Full Hour (60mins) Sessions @ $70 Per Session Hour - Prepaid Purchase