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Katy, Waller County, TX

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    Treasure The Moment

    19.9 mi 7211 Regency Square Blvd, 108, 108, Houston, 77036

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    Hydro Facials

    A powerful, non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments. It combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection that removes dead skin cells and impurities, while simultaneously delivering moisturizing serums into the skin.
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    IPL Facials

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    Vivify In Home Massage

    18.2 mi Rosenberg, 77471

    Myofascial release therapy

    Myofascial release is an alternative medicine therapy claimed to be useful for treating skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles
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    Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage therapy isn't just a Swedish massage with deeper strokes or harder pressure. Deep tissue massages use firm pressure and slow stroked to massage deep layers of muscle and fascia, which is the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles.
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    30 Minute Session
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    Swedish massage

    The technique aims to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension. Swedish massage is gentler than deep tissue massage and better suited for people interested in relaxation and tension relief. Swedish massage may loosen up tight muscles caused by daily activities such as sitting at the computer or exercising.
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  • Massage Tonics LLC

    16.4 mi 12649 Memorial Dr. A, Houston, 77024

    Perfect combo Massage & Facial A

    Massage - Improve your flexibility, circulation and better muscle tone. Facail- leave white a brighter and fresh skin.
    1h 30min

    G-5 Sports Rehabilitation Therapy


    Rejuvenation Massage & Facial Gua Sha

    Gua sha has been proven to help relieve tension in the face, reduce puffiness and inflammation, and it can even help reduce sinus pressure.
    1h 30min
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    14.4 mi 10800 Clay Rd., Houston, 77041

    1 On 1 Personal Training


    Flexibility Sesssion


    Free Trial Session/Consultant

  • Loc Addicts

    17.6 mi 10694 Jones Rd., Suite 219, Houston, 77065

    “Bliss & Euphoria”

    Deep wash using quality products to clarify and cleanse scalp and Locs (Regular 3-5x). Deep conditioning with quality products to ensure scalp moisture, cleanliness and soften Loc (Scalp and Locs massaged).

    “Euphoria” Scalp Massage & Manipulation

    Relaxing service provided to stimulate hair follicles and improve hair growth ***Client Fav*** included in wash

    Box Braids

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    Mike MrTapout / Tapout Tattooing

    21.6 mi 3512 chimney rock rd, Suite C, Houston, 77056



    Small tattoos


    Custom Drawing Tattoo Design