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The feet are a vital part of our everyday lives, so it’s not surprising that at some point or another, many people experience some sort of foot problems, be it foot pain, nail disorders, or bunions. So, if you’ve been experiencing any foot-related issues, it could be a good idea to visit a podiatrist for help with treatment. But where to start looking for a reliable business that offers podiatry in Tampa? The entire worldwide web is too vast of an option, where you can end up spending hours of time just trying to locate a nearby option. In order to productively and quickly find a list of businesses near you, you’ll want to use Booksy. There, starting a search is simple, and it’ll only take a few moments to complete the entire booking process from start to finish. Launch your mobile iOS or Android application store to download the Booksy app. What is podiatry and how does it work? Podiatry is a medical field specialty that is focused entirely on the feet. Within this field, podiatrists are the healthcare professionals who have received adequate training in order to both diagnose and treat a wide variety of foot-related conditions. Though these professionals aren’t medical doctors and don’t go to medical school, they’re still doctors, holding the title of DPM or doctor of podiatric medicine. Much like MDs or medical doctors, podiatrists can prescribe drugs, order lab tests, reset broken bones, and even do surgery. Because of their extensive training, podiatrists have the knowledge and skills to work with a number of different foot conditions and help treat them. These types of conditions can include but aren’t limited to general foot pain, nail diseases, skin diseases, bunions, corns, cysts, heel spurs, deformities, ulcers, tumors, bone disorders, diabetes, and growing pains. When making an appointment to visit a podiatrist, you’ll want to know more or less what to expect. Your initial appointment will likely look similar to other doctors’ appointments. Firstly, your podiatrist will consult with you about your foot issues as well as review your medical history, including any previous surgeries you’ve had or current medications that you’re on. Next, your podiatrist may perform a physical exam of your feet—depending on the condition you’re looking to get treatment for, they may even perform an assessment of range of motion or check your ability to walk. Following this, you’ll begin a course of treatment, as recommended by your podiatrists which may include anything from ointments to physical therapy.  How do I choose the best business for podiatry in Tampa?  When using the Booksy mobile application, you’ll be presented with an array of options of trustworthy podiatrists in Tampa. Starting a search only requires you to fill in the three search fields in our search engine bar. Once you’ve done that, your options will appear beneath—which you can browse through and read reviews on to find your perfect match. But if you want to skip the browsing and immediately view the top hits, try the “Sort by” button. This helpful little tool will arrange your search listings by “Top Reviewed” or “Recommended by Booksy”. How much does an appointment with a podiatrist cost? How much you end up paying for an appointment with a podiatrist can depend on any number of factors like where you’re located, the purpose of your scheduled visit, and the length of the appointment time. Likewise, whether or not you have health insurance can also play a part in how much it’ll cost. But in the end, you’ll want to get an idea of accurate pricing—which you can always find on Booksy, reflected next to each service. Podiatry near me Using the Booksy search engine bar can also be helpful when searching for nearby options of podiatry in Tampa. You’ll only need to input three key pieces of information into the search fields including what type of service you’re looking to book (podiatry), where you are currently (Tampa), and a preferred appointment timeframe. Once you’re done, your search results will be generated and should reflect only businesses within the Tampa area. Here, you can make use of the “Map View” and “Filters and Localization” tools to further specify your search.