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Copiague, NY

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  • A1spec

    13.3 mi 499 Hempstead Gardens Dr, West Hempstead, 11552

    Maintenance wash (ceramic coated cars only)

    -Foam wash with 2 bucket method -Emblems and trim detailed -Wheels/tires -Air dry only -Tire dressing -Exterior glass -Door jams
    2h 15min

    Wash + Ceramic sealant

    -Foam wash with 2 bucket method -Emblems and trim detailed -Ceramic sealant -Tar spots removed -Air dry/Towel -Wheels/Tires -Tire dressing -Exterior glass -Door jams
    1h 30min

    Winter Exterior Detail

    This service includes: -Rinse -Pre soak with salt dissolver on exterior, wheels, undercarriage -Raised height on ramps to spray undercarriage with salt dissolver -Undercarriage rinse -Foam wash with 2 bucket method -Emblems and trim detailed -Door jams/trunk jam cleaned thoroughly -Ceramic sealant -Tar spots removed -Air dry/Towel -Wheels cleaned and decontaminated -Tires cleaned and stripped -Fender wells cleaned -Tire dressing -Exterior glass
    2h 45min
  • Traveling service

    ARCH by Dr. Krista Archer

    30.8 mi 870 Fifth Avenue, STE 1F, New York, 10065

    Medical Pedicure

    Performed by a doctor-trained nail technician, using all or single use equipment. All ARCH products are used during this meticulous treatment. Toxin-free polish provided, but if you have a favorite color in mind please bring it with you. (45 Mins)

    Medical Pedicure + Fungus e-Consult/ Rx

    In addition to medical pedicure, evalution of fungus including culture, prescription and treatment plan provided by Dr. Archer.

    Medipedi + Nail Whitening

    MediPedi plus-Superficial staining of nails addressed with a nail whitening scrub during your medical pedicure service. Pls note that if your nails are actively infected with fungus this does not change nail color with first use.
  • Hair promotionz I take walk-in

    11.3 mi 1625 Grand Ave, A, Baldwin, 11510




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    1h 30min