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Pregnancy Massage in Kissimmee

Do pain and discomfort from your pregnancy make sleeping or even existing difficult? Is your digestive system struggling to get back on track? Does everything hurt? If so, you need a spa day. Kissimmee massage therapists relieve body aches with a soothing massage geared to support your needs, depending on trimester. This involves alleviating stress in additional to physical discomfort. Your body is working overtime for 9 months -- you deserve this. Book your appointment for a pregnancy massage with an experienced Kissimmee Fl. massage therapist today! How Can Pregnancy Massage Help? During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes drastic changes -- both physical and emotional. A pregnancy massage, or a prenatal massage, seeks to support the mother’s body during this time by alleviating areas of discomfort and pain. Pregnancy massage relieves pain in the joints and muscles that result from carrying extra weight. By relieving stress, a pregnancy massage can also help maintain a healthy environment for the growing baby and reduce the chance for birth complications. A pregnancy massage can also: Relieve back and neck pain Prevent headaches and migraines Assuage leg pain and swelling Reduce stress by increasing production of dopamine and serotonin Help with digestive distress Support emotional needs and decrease anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness For clients in high risk pregnancies, we recommend consulting a medical professional before beginning a massage therapy program. A pregnancy massage is usually booked in 50 or 60 minute increments. However, clients can schedule 30, 90, or 120 minute massages depending on availability. How Much Does a Pregnancy Massage Cost in Kissimmee? In Kissimmee, Fl., pregnancy massage costs around $65 for a 60 minute massage. However, many massage clinics offer discounted rates for first-time customers. How Do I Book an Appointment for Pregnancy Massage in Kissimmee? Let a licensed massage therapist help support your body and mind through pregnancy! Check out at the listings above for the best massage centers in Kissimmee, Fl., or use the free Booksy app to schedule your appointment today.