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  • Coach Brenda Soto

    20.7 mi 6955 North Oracle Road, Tucson, 85704

    RTT/Hypnosis Session

    Rapid transformational sessions are designed to go right to the origin of your troubles allowing any blocks to be release. This is a powerful healing process with immediate release of emotional energy. Because all emotions are stored in the body, powerful changes follow, from feeling physically lighter, peaceful, with a clear mind, to release of headaches, nervous tics, pain, anxieties, and other physical illness and troubling behaviors. We are born knowing we are to be loved, wanted, care for, protected, enough. However, some of us had experience in our lives that left us feeling otherwise, left us deeply wounded. These wounds when they go untreated, just as any other wound would, they get infected and begin to cause lots of troubles, in our relationships, health, money, success. Healing is a personal process, these sessions are created to go at your own pace, this is your process, and my work is to hold a healing space for you. Because we go right to the source of your troubles, you will experience relief in your first session, and a fantastic transformation from 1 to 5 sessions. Fees per session $300.00, sessions are 2 hours in length.
    2h 10min

    Transformational Life Coaching Session

    Imagine your perfect life? Perfect health, amazing relationships, a healthy financial life, a stress-free life, a fulfilling life! A content, free, happy, peaceful life! This is available to you! and it is possible, very possible. Thousands of people live this life every day, and you too can join them. Everyone, absolutely every person is born with the ability to create the most beautiful life experience, our own bodies, are perfectly designed to heal themselves! However, most of us grew up in environments that didn’t nurture this ability. That ability is yours, and my work with your, is to teach you how to reconnect, nurture and expand your amazing abilities to create the life of your dreams. Our sessions are designed to rapidly transform your life by going right into the root of the problem in your first session. Then the following sessions are designed to re-shape your mind by developing, practicing, and implementing techniques to enhance all aspects of your life, body, mind, soul, career relationships, pleasure, in remarkable ways. Each person is so unique, so most clients benefit from 3 to 7 sessions. Session are 1 to 2 weeks apart. Fees per session, $300.00
    1h 30min