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  • Buck's Pet Services LLC.

    16.7 mi Kayton Street, Raleigh, NC, 27616

    🤝MEET & GREET 🤝 9am-6:30pm M-F

    At Bucks Pet Services, we want to create everlasting bond with our clients and their furry family. The best way to do that it's us getting to know each other. This also allows the The buckaroo to create a bond with their new furry friend. Away for the pet Owner to get to know their new Buckaroo Walker. Note: meet-and-greets are required before booking. meet-and-greets are between 9am-6:30pm please disregard all the other times. Thanks

    Vacation Packet Questionnaire (MEMBER ONLY)

    If you would like to make a one-time payment by creating your Pet Sitting vacation packet. Leave a comment of the date, time, and desire service and receive an itemized bill. You would get one receipt for a lump price however to hold the dates and time and not charge you for it will be a filler receipt of zeros. Once you receive your receipts please give detail the information you like for your Buckaroo to know. For instance, this section will require breakfast or no meal required. Thank you 😊 Example: Jan 1-5th, (8am walk/feed) (12pm let-out only) (6pm walk/feed) and on 5th only a morning (8am walk/feed) leave key. Totally Visit: 13 Note: Please Remember you have to cancel within 24 hours of paying for your bill to receive a refund. This way other clients are able to book for your time slot. In addition since this is service entered manually by Bucks Pet Services will be a charge of half of the vacation fee for the time spent entering into the system even if it's in the 24 hour cancelation window. Thank you 😊


    Emergency walk means you need right away services. When you select "book" There's a place where you can write detailed Time and notes. However, the system will not allow you to book an appointment in less than 24 hours. Therefore, select 6:30 am walk. In the note, section indicate your emergency time that you desire. Bucks Pet Services will get the request immediately. 😀 The original service price (1 pet $16 or 2 pet $21) Plus ASAP $15.