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  • BeYou Care and Coaching

    10.1 mi 8018 W Capital Dr., Milwaukee, 53222

    March madness weekly coaching sessions

    For March madness we will push the importance of Mental health awareness and alignment with positive daily life habits. Each individual session will explore self-care, goalsetting, Relationships & there impact, current Mental health status, & ongoing supportive habbits.

    Life Coaching Consultation

    As a life coach, my role is to support and empower you on your journey to improving your current lifestyle. We will work simultaneously to structure your day-to-day tasks; thus, allowing you to prioritize better and become action-oriented within reaching your daily goals. After discussing your roles and desired goals, we will determine what is standing in your way from excelling and implement internal and external accountability to eliminate those barriers. My services start with reciprocating positive energy and meeting my clients where they are by leading with a Solution Focused approach, DBT approach, and CBT approach. Life coaching can focus on whatever is necessary for the client, including but not limited to: • Self-care implementation planning • Health and wellness • Career goals • Entrepreneurship • Relationship goals • Financial literacy • Life transitions In alignment with mindfulness and intent, typical coping techniques and strategies to create a safe balance will include network growing exercises, structured planning, exposure techniques, stage setting, SMART goal setting and so much more!

    Mental Health Coaching Consultation

    As a mental health coach, my role is to support positive change through the exploration of your current barriers and concerns around your mental health. We will work in sync to reduce challenges while targeting your goals around mental health and wellness in all seven dimensions — socially, spiritually, occupationally, intellectually, emotionally, environmentally, and physically. By doing so, we will: • Reduce stress and anxiety • Improve depression symptoms • Implement positive coping skills • Challenge negative thought patterns • Improve relationship skills • Manage emotions • Assist in adjusting properly to life changes Say it with me “I-N-T-E-N-T-I-O-N-A-L-I-T-Y”. The Power of intentional work will change your life!