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Tampa Scar Removal

There are several scar-enthusiasts out there, keen on the importance of body marks as stories, possible reminders of overcoming past trauma. For most of us, though, scars can feel like cosmetic deterrents from the look we really want to achieve. From scrapes or deep cuts to c-sections to pesky former acne-ridden areas of the face, scar removal can aid in helping your full beauty shine through. What is Scar Removal? Typical scar removal procedures come in the form of a laser as the dermatologist’s go-to treatment. The laser penetrates the deeper layer of the skin’s cells, able to remove darkly pigmented cells and also provoke skin renewal, making the scar less noticeable. How Long Does Scar Removal Take to Get Done? The time of the laser procedure depends on the severity and depth of the scars being treated, however most processes take probably about 1 hour - a few hours. How Long Does Scar Removal Last? The recovery time should be about two weeks, but the effects should be long-lasting upon proper care. How Much Does Scar Removal Cost in Tampa? The costs can vary, however most scar removals cost around $250 up to $750 per scar. For additional / multiple scars, the procedure can cost up to $1000. Where to Get Scar Removal in Tampa Need help finding a top notch salon in Tampa with great customer reviews and highly experienced staff? Don’t overthink it—simply use Booksy to find the best health and beauty care professionals in your area. Return to the listings above or download our app to start booking the best today!