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There are quite a number of treatments that are easy to replicate at home, but some, like the traditional hot towel shave are not only a barbershop specialty but also an exhilarating experience that comes with a wide range of benefits—and if you happen to be looking for a barbershop that provides  shave services in Chicago , you’ll only need one tool to do so! That tool is Booksy, the number one appointment scheduling application on the market. Our helpful tool was designed with you, the client, in mind to create a simpler and quicker booking process. You can download the Booksy mobile application for free on the iOS or Android app stores or access from your preferred web browser via your computer. What is a shave and how does it work? A traditional barbershop shave, also known as a hot towel shave, is a treatment that incorporates the use of a hot, steamed towel which is applied to the face during the shave. Not only does the addition of the hot towel feel relaxing during a shave, but it also comes with a number of benefits that make this treatment such a popular service. One of the main benefits of a hot towel shave is that it soothes irritation that is typically associated with shaving. The steam from the hot towel helps eliminate irritation from razor burn and rashes, also helping remove any existing ingrown hairs. Furthermore, the steam and heat from the towel also open the pores, making it much easier to get a cleaner shave, getting rid of any dirt, oil, and dead skin that may be present. During your hot towel shave, you can typically expect your appointment to start with your barber inspecting the direction of your hair growth. Once they have assessed your facial hair, they’ll apply a hot towel to your face to open your pores and cleanse the skin. Next, shaving cream will be applied to your face, and using a blade, your barber will begin to shave your face in sections, repeating the process until the shave is finished. When your shave is completed, your barber will again apply a hot towel to your face as a final step to soothe the skin and open the pores to absorb aftershave. How do I choose the best service for a shave in Chicago? Chicago is home to many barbershops, widespread across the city, so it can seem difficult to locate the ones that offer the best shave services. Luckily, Booksy can be your guide to choosing the best of the bunch! Through a simple search using the Booksy search engine bar, you can browse your results and easily read reviews left by previous clients. There’s also the option of clicking the “Sort by” feature to which allows you to sort your listings by the top reviewed barbershops of the ones that Booksy recommends to you. How much does a shave service cost? The cost of a shave at a barbershop can range depending on where you’re located as well as the experience of your barber. However, you can typically expect a hot towel shave service to fall between the twenty to forty-dollar range. On Booksy, all merchants have the autonomy to set their own price lists, so you can view exact pricing on our platform at each barbershop listed directly next to the service name. How do I find barbershops that offer shave services open now? Browse through all your options of barbershops that offer shave services in Chicago open now, on the Booksy app or! To find businesses nearby that are currently open, you’ll want to complete the fields within the search engine bar at the top of the page with your personal information. All you need to do is type in what service you’re looking to book an appointment for (shave), where you are located (Chicago, Illinois), and what time you want to schedule your appointment for. You can select the time and date that works best for you, but keep in mind, that selecting a time and date closest to the current one will allow you to view those businesses that are open right now—otherwise, feel free to individually visit our merchants’ Booksy business pages to view their hours of operation.