Stretch mark removal
Los Angeles, CA

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  • Contour Haus Studios

    9.4 mi 755 S Spring St., Los Angeles, 90014

    Inkless Stretch Mark Rejuvenation


    Inkless Scar Removal

    MODELS NEEDED FOR THIS SERVICE 1 TREATMENT with discount. Must document pictures of healing process.


    EMSculpt uses the most advanced (HIFEM) high-intensity focused magnetic vibration technology to directly stimulate motor neurons to continuously expand and contract your own muscles (this kind of contraction is not achieved by your usual exercise or fitness exercise), 30 minutes of treatment The energy pulses can stimulate up to 30,000 strong muscle contractions, help fat cells metabolize and decompose strongly, and at the same time, with muscle strengthening, bring new technological experience to body shaping.
    8 sessions
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  • Mobile service

    Pale Girls Palace

    29.1 mi 2600 Newport Blvd, Ste 134, Newport Beach, 92663

    Plasma fibroblast ( stretch marks)

    1h 30min

    Full Leg Wax