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    Soul Centered Wellness + The Sanctuary

    33.2 mi 2619 Leisczs Bridge Road, Leesport, 19533

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    Reiki Release (reiki with stretching)

    REIKI RELEASE The removal of energy blockages is a common theme of the Reiki practice. One of the most healing aspects of reiki is its ability to release energy blockages and facilitate a healthy circulation of ki (energy life force). Now imagine going deeper, into the muscles and soft tissue, stretching those weary knots with a goal to improve flexibility, relieve pain and correct additional imbalances in the body. Welcome to Reiki Release. As a Reiki Master and Physical Therapist, for over 30 years, this session, incorporating both reiki and passive range of motion and stretching, will reset and restore your body from inside out!
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  • Touch of Massage Therapy

    8.1 mi Lancaster ave, Columbia, 17512

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