Tattoo Session near me in Cupertino, CA (16)

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  • Hidden Ink Skin LLC

    4.6 mi 940 Saratoga AVE, San Jose, 95129



    Tiny Tattoo

    1h 30min


  • Mobile service

    Xplosion Hair Salon

    34.6 mi 3014 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, 94602

    Consultation for Custom Unit and deposit

    Exact custom head measurements and head mold will be created during this visit. Detail questions will be answered about styles, prices, and hair extensions during the time of this visit. $50.00 Deposit required to start the process. NO REFUNDS this fee will go towards your total cost of custom unit

    Traditional Sew-in w/o Shampoo Service

    PLEASE COME PRE-shampooed— Basis sewn install with or without leave out Braid Down, Hair Net applied, and extensions Installed. Edges and or part of natural hair is out. Pictures are available please explore

    Sew-in w/ Shampoo Service

    Shampoo /Condition, Blow dryed, Braid Down, Hair Net applied and extensions Installed. Natural Edges out Pictures are available please explore
    3h 30min
  • Nini Tattoos

    10.4 mi Downtown San Jose & La Raza tattoo Tulare, San Jose, 95112

    💰Regular Deposit




    💚⚡️Tulare Flash ( fixed date only )

  • Sharp Images Hair Care

    12.4 mi Newbridge St, 830, Menlo Park, 94025

    The “Full Detail"

    Pre-wash & Condition, with Scalp Manipulation Hair-Cut and Style Hot towel w/Straight Razor Shave

    Hair Cut W/ Beard Trim

    Full Haircut and Style Using Clippers and/or Shears, with Beard Lining, optional Straight Razor Finishing Line touch Up

    Classic Hair Cut - ages 16 and up (Men/Women)

    Basic Hair Cut using Clipper Machine, usually no shears, and no razor lining
  • high rollers art studio

    13.4 mi 3113 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, 95127



    Tattoo parlors


    tattoo removal

    1h 30min
  • Jonny KT Dragon

    11.9 mi 1939 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, 95116

    Tattoo Session


    Small Tattoo (names/ small flash)


    Palm Size Tattoo

    3h 30min
  • LB Aesthetics

    12.5 mi 2664 Berryessa Rd, Suite 118, San Jose, 95132

    Consultation Paramedical Restorative Tattooing


    Porcelain Skin Peel

    1h 30min

    De-Pigmentation / Hyperpigmentation treatment

    The peel involves a two-step process which begins in office. The first step involves the application of a thick, mud-like mask by a professional. This mask contains Azelaic Acid, Kojic Acid, Phytic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Arbutine, and Titanium Dioxide. The mask should remain on the face for 6-10 hours, but the total amount of time depends on your skin type and the amount of hyperpigmentation being treated. The mask is left on for 4-8 hours, then removed at home. Since the peel is a two-step process, you will be instructed to apply a second topical anti-spot cream daily. This helps to maintain the results achieved with the The Peel applied in office while preventing the appearance of new dark spots and areas of hyperpigmentation. This maintenance cream is comprised of similar ingredients and should be used up to one year after a Peel. It works to correct hyperpigmentation while regulating the overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes. It inhibits tyrosinase activation within the melanosome and lowers the oxidative stress, which reduces the production of melanin. The result is to inhibit and control the development of new dark spots. The treatment is unique in that it is both corrective and preventive for immediate and long-term results. When the mask is applied and left on for the indicated amount of time, you may see up to 95% reduction in the skin’s pigmentation on the surface of the skin within 30 days. Hyperpigmentation is a common concern and can have a negative psychological and emotional impact. It is caused by an abnormal production of melanin by the melanocytes (the cells that produce melanin) and results in irregular skin discoloration and dark spots. While treatment options vary, This treatment is ideal because it is safe for all skin types and provides results in as few as one to two weeks. The peel can treat erythematous scars. These are red scars that remain after a breakout has healed. It can also treat hyper-pigmented scars, which are dark scars left behind after acne. The peel helps with minor textural damage to skin caused by Acne. BEFORE YOUR TREATMENT ● No scrubs or facial exfoliation on the day of treatment. ● Men should not shave two days prior to treatment. ● No waxing in treated areas one week prior to treatment. ● No peels, laser resurfacing or medical grade exfoliation within two weeks of treatment. ● Cannot be pregnant or lactating **FINAL COST OF TREATMENT WILL BE DETERMINED DURING YOUR CONSULTATION/FIRST APPOINTMENT. Price ranges from $1500-$2500
    Mild Hyperpigmentation Treatment
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  • Business Wait List
  • Elix Tattoo

    10.4 mi 763 east Julian st, San jose can, 95112

    Custom multiple session piece, charge by the hour

    Tattoo piece that would tanker more than on session,fully custom piece. $100 per hour

    1" to 2" colored tattoo

    1" to 2" inches black and gray

    No colored tattoo piece that is 2 inches or less
  • Sammy Yoshikami Studio

    11.7 mi 142 W Calaveras Blvd, Milpitas, 95035

    Freckle Tattoo

    Beauty Mark Tattoo


    Microblading is applied using a manual tool to give you the most natural and hairlike effect for your brows. This service is best suited for clients that either have preexisting brow hair, or want a very natural look. This is a great option for men as well, as it gives the most undetectable end result. Microblading ages the most gracefully on dry or normal skin types. For very oily skin types, a Combo Brow is highly recommended instead. A complimentary touch up and aftercare kit is included. (ANNUAL TOUCH UP CLIENTS AND COMPLIMENTARY TOUCH UP CLIENTS, PLEASE TEXT 9254007041 TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT DIRECTLY.)
  • Tattoo

    11.1 mi Blossom Hill Rd, 1050, 200, San Jose, 95123

    1.5 hrs small/medium size Tattoo

    Shop min. (Tattoo that takes 15min or less)

    1 Tattoo session 3 hrs.

  • Bay Areas Brow Queen

    15.0 mi Charlotte Dr, 5827, San Jose, 95123

    Correction Cover Up For old Tattoo

    Ombré Powder Permablend Eyebrows

    Combo Brow Mix Of Hair Strokes & Shading