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Tampa Ink: Where to Get a Terrific Tattoo in Tampa

Tampa has some truly amazing (and award-winning) tattoo artists and as the saying attracts like. If you’ve been itching to get inked, you’re lucky to be living in this area, because Tampa is home to some spectacular tattoo shops. What to Expect at Your Tattoo Appointment Before your actual tattoo appointment, you’ll have a consultation where your Tampa tattoo artist will talk to you about what tattoo to get, where to put it, and can answer any questions you have. But here’s some tattoo terminology so you don’t feel totally lost: Traditional Tattoo - thick lines and bright colors, harkening back to the days of pin-up and motorcycles Watercolor - a tattoo style that imitates dreamy watercolor paintings Black - no color Realistic - less painting and more photographic, i.e. “OMG that looks just like your old dog!” Geometric - you took geometry in school, right? Well, your artist is probably much better than you were at drawing triangles and building complex, shape-based designs (and they don’t even need graph paper). How Long Does a Tattoo Take? Your tattoo artist will give you an estimate based on the size of your tattoo and how much detail and/or color is in it. Depending on the size and complexity of your piece, you may also need to come in more than once. How Long Does a Tattoo Last? A tattoo is forever (although talented artists can help you design a tattoo cover-up) so make sure you are committed to your new ink and that you follow your Tampa artists tattoo aftercare instructions. How Much Does a Tattoo Cost in Tampa? The price of your tattoo depends on the size, how much detail and color it needs, how long it will take, and the experience/skill level of your tattoo artist. However, tattoos prices are typically quoted in units of time and most Tampa tattoo shops start at $120-$150 per hour. Generally, Tampa tattoo parlors will give you a free consultation, which you can book with on Booksy today! Where to Get a Tattoo in Tampa Can’t wait to get some excellent new ink? Lucky for you-- you don’t have to! Simply return to the listings above or download the Booksy app to find and book the best Tampa area tattoo artists today!