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Watercolor Tattoo in Tampa

Florida is known for its vivid colors that stretch across its greenery, buildings, and coastal shorelines. If you’re looking to stand out among the landscape, or just in general, watercolor tattoos are a unique way to go.

In Tampa there are no shortages of tattoo shops to choose from that offer watercolor options. Whether you’re looking to remember an awesome vacation or are someone with a passion for tattoos, a watercolor design would be beautiful and memorable.

What Is a Watercolor Tattoo?

Every tattoo requires the same tools whether an artist uses black or watercolor ink. The only differences are the variety of colors used to style and shade, and watercolor tattoos typically require more “upkeep.” A touch-up of color might be required about six months after the initial tattoo is done in order to preserve its vibrant colors.

In addition to shading and styling, a watercolor tattoo will have less strict lines and design patterns which allows an artist to work more naturally with the colors. It’s important to choose an experienced artist that has not only worked with watercolors before, but can also give you thorough instruction on how to preserve your tattoo.

Benefits of Watercolor Tattoos

  • Your tattoo will stand out among other tattoos

  • Trendy and fashionable

  • Unique to every individual

How Much Do Watercolor Tattoos Cost in Tampa?

Most tattoos are priced by how large or extensive the tattoo is. So, if you’re getting a smaller tattoo, the baseline price will be at least $60 for most artists. If you decide to have a more complex tattoo done or use a well-liked tattoo artist, prices can range between $200-400.

How Long Will It Take?

Watercolor tattoos will typically take longer than a black ink tattoo due to the process of creating an image skeleton, otherwise called an outline, color selection, ink shading and styling, and the aftercare. If you’re getting a smaller tattoo, it might only take an hour or two. If your design is more complicated, the total process could take up to 7 or 8 hours.

Should I Get a Watercolor Tattoo?

No matter what kind of tattoo you get there will be a level of discomfort from the needles used. If you’re someone who doesn’t like needles or has a low pain tolerance, you might want to reconsider getting a tattoo or start with a basic black ink tattoo first to see how you handle the process.

How to Find a Tattoo Shop in Tampa

Are you ready for a watercolor tattoo? Check out the listings above to find the best shops for watercolor tattoos in the Tampa area, or download the Booksy app to explore your options on the go.