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    Krissy Bellas Collection

    31.9 mi E, Northfield, 44067

    Krissy “B” Glow

    Choose this option if you want a “No Makeup BUT Makeup” look! VERY NATURAL & LIGHT! It includes….Brow Fill-in & Conceal/ neutral color eyeshadow/ eyeliner/ medium coverage foundation/ glow/ glossy lips/ natural lash style

    Krissy “B” Soft Glam

    Choose this option if your want a “Pretty N Glowy” type of look! Recommended for date night / work events/ brunch /vacation vibes Includes a brow fill-in & Conceal/up to 2 eyeshadows solid or shimmer /Medium coverage foundation/ Concealer/Contour & Highlight /Glow/ Lip color of choice/natural mink lashes

    Krissy “B” Glam

    Choose this option if you want a “Dolled up” look Recommended for birthdays/ nightclub vibes Includes a Brow fill-in & Conceal/ Eyeshadow (freestyle or specific look)/ Eyeliner/ Mascara/ full coverage Foundation/ Highlight & Contour/Glow/ Lip color of choice/ mink lash of choice KrissyB “Bella” Kit included