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Big city life can get hectic and tiresome, so everyone could use a relaxing getaway every once in a while. However, weekend trips are not always possible, and arranging an out-of-town vacation often takes a lot of planning. But what if you could take a mini-vacation without ever leaving The Big Apple? You can! A day spa can serve as your own personal oasis within the concrete jungle—and booking a relaxing visit to a day spa in New York City is just a couple of clicks away, with Booksy. Head over to your app store on your iOS or Android device to download the simple application that has revolutionized the traditional appointment booking process. What is a day spa and what types of services are offered there? Day spas are typically establishments that offer a wide variety of spa services and treatments that focus on beauty and wellness. Because of this day spas can be the perfect all-in-one relaxation destinations for indulging in a number of different treatments at one location. Though each day spa will have its own menu of treatments and services, most day spas will offer a select combination of face, body, and even sometimes hair services. Some of the most common day spa services offered by spas across the country are massage therapy, facials, aromatherapy, waxing, manicures, pedicures, body wraps, and hair care treatments. Additionally, many day spas even have amenities such as pools, saunas, steam rooms, or whirlpools. Typically, at day spas, services are often bundled together into a spa package. Spa packages usually consist of a few different services that complement each other well, allowing you to receive an immersive spa experience. Many day spas also allow you to create your own spa package, giving you the power to select your favorite spa services.  How do I choose the best day spa in New York City?  Choosing the perfect day spa in New York City to visit won’t be nearly as hard as choosing the perfect out-of-town vacation. What you’ll want to do first is download the Booksy app to your smartphone if you haven’t already—and once you’re there, launch it and locate the search engine bar. Into the search fields, enter your criteria, and you’ll then see your options of businesses below. As you browse the available listings, it’s always helpful to read some reviews on what other Booksy clients are saying. Furthermore, the “Sort by” button will come in handy if you’d like to instantly sort your options by the “Top Reviewed” day spas or the ones that are “Recommended by Booksy”. How much does an appointment to the day spa cost? When it comes to scheduling an appointment at the day spa, the exact price will likely vary based on what type of spa package you choose and what types of services are booked. Each spa has its own price lists for its services, however, spa packages most typically start upwards of $100. To check out the most accurate prices, browse your options of day spas in New York City on Booksy, where each price is reflected next to the respective service. How do I find day spas open now? Many things on Booksy start with a simple Booksy search—including finding currently open day spas. There are two methods when it comes to finding out if a day spa is open now. For the first way, you’ll want to begin by filling out the fields in the search bar. In the final field, select a date and time that is nearest the current date and time. By doing this, you’ll be shown only those results of day spas open now. For the second method, head back to the search bar and select any timeframe. While browsing your results, you can visit each business’s personal business page and view their hours of operation. Day spa near me Vacation has never been so close by! Using Booksy, you can locate day spas in your local area and book a trip to your desired pick. When filling out the search fields in our search engine bar, make sure you’ve set your current location to New York City to obtain the most accurate results. From there you can select the “Map View” button to further assist you or use the “Filters and Localization” tool to search by specific zip code or area.