Tattoo Prices in Orlando, FL

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  • HennA Tattoos

    Nail Salon



    Julie's Unëëq Nailz

    3863 Lake Emma Rd, Google Maps Search: The L.A Fitness Of Lake Mary. I Rent A Booth Within The Dainty Nails & Spa., Lake Mary, 32746
    5.00(15 reviews)
  • Henna Tattoo - Leg

    Day Spa



    Naj Eyebrow Threading & Nails

    717-A South Semoran blvd,, Orlando, 32807
    4.83(6 reviews)
  • Henna tattoo brow with design

    Beauty Salon



    Minik Studio and Spa

    12250 Menta St #101, Orlando, FL 32837, 102, Orlando, FL, 32837
    5.00(3 reviews)
  • Henna tattoo

    Eyebrows & Lashes



    Glam Eyebrow Threading

    12789 Waterford Lakes Pkwy #7, 7, Orlando, 32828
    4.75(8 reviews)
  • 80 dollar tattoo

    Tattoo Shops



    Ed @ Eternal Devotion Tattoos

    1084 Lee Road Suite 10, Orlando Fl, 32819
    5.00(4 reviews)
  • Tattoo

    Tattoo Shops



    Best Tattoos Collective

    1144 Florida 436, Altamonte Springs, 32714
    0.00(0 reviews)
  • Eyebrows tattoo retouch

    Beauty Salon

    1h 30m


    Glamour’s Hair Salón by Mely

    23 N Stewart Ave., Kissimmee, FL, 34741
    4.93(15 reviews)
  • Eliminar Tattoo




    Colombian Esthetic

    1413 smith St, Kissimmee, 34744
    4.98(151 reviews)
  • Tattoo Remove

    Makeup Artist

    1h 15m


    Brows by Clari

    5361 Commander Dr., 107, Orlando, 32822
    5.00(10 reviews)

Breaking Down the Cost of Tattoos in Orlando, Florida

So, you’ve fallen in love with a tattoo style to show off in the sun, you’ve been dreaming about what you want for months, and now it’s finally the time to...figure out how much it’s going to cost.

Ultimately, your artist is the only one who can tell you the price of your new tattoo, but here are some of the factors that go into determining the overall price of your future tattooed masterpiece:


Tattoo size dictates the amount of time, energy, ink, and effort required, thus making size a greatly influential factor when determining the price of a tattoo. A full sleeve will always cost more than a quarter-sized infinity sign.

Skill Level, Popularity, and Experience

A novice artist who is just starting out is likely going to charge less than an artist with decades of experience under their belt and fame to their name. A popular Orlando tattoo artist or studio will cost more. Of course, they are often popular for good reason and so that extra cost may well be worth it!

Personal Style

While experience definitely matters, what’s equally important when selecting a tattoo artist is their portfolio of work, so you get a sense of their design style and familiarity.

If they’ve never used color ink in their past jobs and instead focused solely on black and white traditional tattoos, they likely won’t make a good artist for your watercolor tattoo.

Keep these factors in mind when selecting where to go. And remember that when it comes to a tattoo, like so many things in life, you do get what you pay for!

How Much Do Tattoos Cost in Orlando, Florida?

Tattoo artists usually charge based on how many hours it takes to complete your masterpiece, with the size, skill-level, and style factors determining just what that hourly rate will be.

Cost Per Hour for a Tattoo

In Orlando, most tattoo studios charge between $100–200 per hour. Occasionally, a tattoo artist may give you a set price for a whole piece, especially if you walk in looking for a flash tattoo, which are usually priced lower than $100, since they have already been designed and stenciled.

Putting a Price on the Perfect Tattoo

When you consider how amazing a tattoo can look when done well (and how bad when done poorly), it really makes sense for you to research just what goes into the price of a tattoo in Orlando.

And now that you know—it’s time to take that next step towards getting the tattoo you’ve always wanted. Explore the best tattoo shops around you on Booksy and make the appointment to get inked today!

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