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At Stiletto My Nails, I believe in offering high quality nail services and a variety of techniques to best serve my clients. During my treatments, I use products that are free of Methyl methacrylate and other harmful ingredients. Some of my more common requests include gel extensions, glamour specials, European manicures, full acrylic sets, and almond or coffin shaping. As a leader in this industry, I remain in touch with a variety of nail trends and designs, along with a host of specialty nail services.

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1. Clear Acrylic with Gel Polish Set. Medium/Long 2. Milky White, Pink, or Nude Acrylic w/2 Encapsulated Nails or 2 Fully Bling’d Nails

1h 15m $77.00 Reservá ahora

July Milk Bath Special (Flowers,Fruit, or both)

Full Sets Only (no soak off), Medium Length, Coffin Shape, Milky White or Milky Pink Acrylic, Flower Milk Bath Nails. A few Swarovski crystals on 2 nails. Long length +$15

1h 15m $87.00 Reservá ahora

Encapsulated Flares Per Nail

Encapsulated Fire Flares 6 colors to choose from. Each nail is $10 for medium/long. Longer lengths $15. I adjust pricing at checkout.

10m $10.00+ Reservá ahora

Neon Acrylics

EACH nail encapsulated with neon acrylics. Price goes up depending on design. This is added to base fill / full set.

5m $10.00+ Reservá ahora

Services a la Carte

New Client, Nude Full Set Medium

Try one of my 4 newest nude acrylics, medium length coffin or stiletto shape, full set only! New or Returning Clients (after 3 months of not seeing me) Young Nails Acrylic, 4 shades to choose from.

1h $60.00+ Reservá ahora

New Client Soft Glam Special

Soft Glam includes, 2 glitter encapsulations OR CHOOSE 1 of the following: Chrome, or 3D (Choice of 2 nails total) A few (3-6) Swarovski for each hand, MEDIUM length, tapered square shape ONLY.

1h 15m $75.00+ Reservá ahora

European Manicure Prior to Service

10m $10.00 Reservá ahora

New Client Full Glam Special

Full Glam includes: Full Set, Medium length, nude acrylic, coffin shape only. Choose 4 GLAM NAILS TOTAL: Encapsulated glitter, flowers or lace, 3D flower (2) marble of acrylic colors, chromes. ONLY 4 Glam Nails TOTAL, longer length $125 Long , $145 XL, $165XXL +++

1h 45m $115.00+ Reservá ahora

Milky White Acrylic Full Set

$65 Short, $75 Medium, $85 Long, $100 X Long++++ Shapes additional, Swarovski additional, designs etc are all extra fee.

1h $65.00+ Reservá ahora

Cuticle Oil Pen

Organic Sweet Almond Oil Cuticle Oil

30m $4.00 Reservá ahora

Aprés GelX Extensions NO SOAK OFF

ALL NEW Soft Gel Extensions applied to natural nails. Does NOT INCLUDE removal ANY EXISTING PRODUCTS (old set, gel polish, acrylic) Manicure may be necessary +10 Gel polish and designs NOT INCLUDED. Please add what you want done when booking.

45m $50.00+ Reservá ahora

Aprés GelX Extensions w/Soak Off

This is an ALL NEW GEL SERVICE! If you want to grow your nails back healthy but want them to be long , this is for you! Any designs or glam is extra. Gel polish & designs NOT INCLUDED. Please add when booking.

1h $65.00 Reservá ahora

Freestyle Glamour Medium Length

Freestyle Set. Coffin Shape.Medium $85,Long $100, XLong $125+ ... You choose color scheme and I will choose design & glam you up in a very elegant way. If you desire more glam than given you can pay for the difference. 4 Glam Nails ONLY- NO Full bling nails.

1h 30m $85.00+ Reservá ahora

Freestyle Glamour Long Length

Freestyle Set, Coffin Shape, Long $100, XLong $125+ ... You choose color scheme and I will choose design & glam you up in a very elegant way. If you desire more glam than given you can pay for the difference.UP TO 4 Glam Nails ONLY

1h 45m $100.00+ Reservá ahora

Full Glamour Set

FULL GLAM includes a combo of nude/color acrylics, color gel polish & top coat, 3d designs, glitter & flower encapsulations, foils, shattered glass encapsulations, Swarovski crystals, etc etc etc. Does NOT apply to Swarovski crystals on every nail.

2h $125.00+ Reservá ahora

Full Glam w/Swarovski Crystals

Medium or Long Full Set, which includes Swarovski crystals on multiple nails. Crystal designs to be discussed , if large or oversized Swarovski’s are used there may be an additional fee. Other designs may be created on other nails with acrylic etc.

2h 30m $150.00 Reservá ahora

European Glam Gel Mani Special

European GEL manicure with full glam! You get one full nail of Swarovski crystals or just a few on several nails, glitter, foils, matte, etc. If more than I offer is desired you can pay the difference. No more than 4 NAILS WILL BE GLAMMED

45m $55.00+ Reservá ahora

Tardiness Late Fee-more than 10 min

DONT BE LATE!!! I WORK BY APPT AND PUNCTUALITY IS A MUST! Anymore than 10 min late, $20 fee. Any more than 15min I have to reschedule your appointment and you will be charged for the appointment as a late cancellation ! My time is valuable as is yours.... thank you for understanding.

15m $20.00+ Reservá ahora

Day Off/Premium Rate

Appointments after my hours of availability or on my days off incur an additional $20 x hour of service.

15m $20.00+ Reservá ahora

Full Set- Short - w/Gel Top Coat

Full set, short length , square shape & gel top coat included. CLEAR ACRYLIC ONLY. Nudes or color acrylic +$10. Almond, ballerina, coffin, stiletto +10 Gel polish +$12 Encapsulations, designs, Swarovski crystals +$. Make sure to add anything else you want now!

1h $50.00+ Reservá ahora

Full Set, Medium , w/ Gel Top Coat

Medium length full set. Clear/Nude Acrylic. Gel top coat. Designs, glitter encapsulations, chrome, etc, etc. are additional. Make sure to add anything else now (when booking)!

1h $65.00+ Reservá ahora

Full Set, Long Length- W/Gel Top Coat

Long Length Clear or Nude Acrylic full Set. Gel Top Coat Included. Accent nails of any kind are an additional fee. Add any accents desired at time of booking.

1h 30m $80.00+ Reservá ahora

Full Set X-Long Length w/Gel Top Coat

Length is determined by the tech not client. XL length set requires more time & products! You’ll be pleased that your nails last & don’t lift. Includes Nude Acrylics. Shaping is extra.

1h 45m $95.00+ Reservá ahora

Full Set XXL Length w/ Gel Top Coat

Beyond extra long Full Set. Includes gel top coat

2h $110.00+ Reservá ahora

Gel Polish for Any Service

Choice of ONE color gel polish w/shiny GEL top coat. More colors additional $5. Matte is additional $10.

15m $14.00 Reservá ahora

Valentino Nude/Colored Acrylic

Add $10 + depending on length for Nude or Colored Acrylic full sets.

15m $10.00+ Reservá ahora

Ballerina/Coffin Shape

15m $10.00+ Reservá ahora

Almond, Stiletto Shape

Longer lengths will be $20

15m $15.00+ Reservá ahora

2/3 Week Fill Acrylic

Regular Fill (does not include repairs) that hasn't gone past 3 weeks from last appt. Includes gel shiny top coat. M + $5, L+$10, XL+15++ ...Color gel polish +14

45m $40.00+ Reservá ahora

4 Week Fill Acrylic

Fills passed 3 weeks of last appt, includes gel shiny top coat. REPAIRS NOT INCLUDED. +$5 Medium. +10 Long, XXL $15+. New Designs+++$, Color Gel +15

1h $55.00+ Reservá ahora

Fill PAST 4 Weeks Add to Reg Price

If it's been more than 4 weeks since your last appointment...Add $20 to your fill service. More time, more repairs, more product. DOES NOT INCLUDE REPAIRS/REPLACEMENTS.

15m $20.00+ Reservá ahora

Medium Length Fill Additional Fee

15m $5.00+ Reservá ahora

Long Length Fill Additional Fee

15m $10.00+ Reservá ahora

XLong Length Fill Additional Fee

45m $15.00 Reservá ahora

Change Acrylic Color @ Fill

If you want your acrylic color changed at the time of your fill it will be $15 additional for short nails, $25 Medium, $35 Long, +++ This process takes time & requires the use of of the same amount of acrylic as a new set.

15m $15.00+ Reservá ahora

Acrylic Nail Repair Each

Acrylic Nail Repair w/gel polish If there was a design, encapsulation or 3D appropriate additional fee will be applied.

15m $7.00+ Reservá ahora

Cut Down & Reshape Square/Coffin

Depending on length and shape .. Almond & Stiletto cut down & reshape $10

15m $7.00+ Reservá ahora

Cut down & Reshape Almond/Stiletto

15m $10.00+ Reservá ahora

Acrylic Removal(MMA) Soak Off

Removal of products I use $14. I’ll adjust it at checkout. Removal of unknown products (not mine) $20, service time may be subject to increase. I have no control of how long it will take to remove product SAFELY with no damage to your natural nail.

30m $25.00 Reservá ahora

Acrylic Removal, My Work

Removal of MY WORK, my acrylics ONLY

15m $15.00+ Reservá ahora

Pink/ White Ombré SHORT+++

Pink & White - Ombré style! Short Length. Tapered Square Shape. Medium length +10 Long Length +20 Stiletto Shaping +15 Any accents desired add at time of booking.

1h 30m $70.00+ Reservá ahora

Pink & White Ombré Fill

Ombré fill. Choose if entire set is Ombré. Does not include any repairs .Clear gel top coat included . $50 Short Length , $55 Medium , $65 Long $75 XL

1h 15m $50.00+ Reservá ahora

Pink & White Full Set Medium Length

Modern day deep smile line pink and whites. Short-Medium length. Price increased based on length & shape. NOT YOUR BASIC PINK & WHITE!

2h $80.00+ Reservá ahora

European Manicure w/Gel Polish

A dry manicure where special diamond bits are used to clean the nail and cuticle. Includes one color gel polish & top coat. Accents are all additional. Exfoliation included after gel polish service.

45m $45.00+ Reservá ahora

European Mini Pedi w/Regular Polish

Clean Up of the nails executed with diamond drill bits to achieve the highest quality and most precise care of the natural nail. Regular polish & high shine top coat included. Gel polish addition $10

25m $25.00+ Reservá ahora

Gel Polish Only-NO SOAK OFF

Gel Polish Only No Manicure. I will file & buff only prior to gel application. No Removal Included One color gel polish & shiny top coat

25m $25.00+ Reservá ahora

Natural Nail Overlay Acrylic

Short length $45 medium $55, $65 long, $80 XL

1h $50.00+ Reservá ahora

Natural Nail Overlay Hard Gel

Overlay using Young Nails Builder Gel .. Price increases depending on length. $55 short, $65 Medium, $80 Long etc. Clear Shiny Gel Top Coat. Color Gel Polish NOT included .

1h $55.00+ Reservá ahora

2/3 Week Fill Hard Gel

Fill in of growth area with hard gel. There is additional fee based on length of nails. Repairs NOT included. Gel High Shine Top Coat included. Color Gel Polish is additional $14

45m $45.00+ Reservá ahora

4 Week Fill Hard Gel

Fill in of growth area, reshape and rebalancing of entire nail as needed by this point. Price goes up based on length of nails. Repairs NOT included. High Shine Gel Top Coat included. Color gel polish additional $14

55m $55.00+ Reservá ahora

Hard/Builder Gel Full Set

CLEAR BUILDER GEL. $75 Short Length. $85 Medium Length. $95 Long Length. Glitter, Accents, Swarovski Crystals are all additional cost. Clear gel top coat included.

1h 15m $75.00+ Reservá ahora

Sculptured Full Set (forms)

Full set using forms, ANY SHAPE INCLUDED;Almond, Ballerina/Coffin, Square, Stiletto. Nude or Custom Color Acrylics +$10 & up Medium $85, Long $100 Designs, Encapsulations, Swarovski ADDITIONAL .. add when booking !

1h 30m $75.00+ Reservá ahora

Gel Matte Top Coat

Gel Matte Top coat for any color gel polish

10m $10.00+ Reservá ahora

Hand Artwork (lines/dots/etc)

Price is for EACH nail. Price will go up depending on the design. Please add as many of these as needed, so if you want 2 nails with hand designs add 2 of these to your services etc.

10m $5.00 Reservá ahora

3D Acrylic Flowers

3D flowers created with acrylic ... Each nail - ONE FLOWER $6, multiple flowers on same nail $10. Price increased based on amount of flowers and length of nail.

10m $6.00+ Reservá ahora

French Tip Style Designed Nail

A French (pink/white) Accent Nail done with any acrylic color (not just white) Glitter & Encapsulated flowers etc additional fee. Price is for a short/medium length and increases by length

10m $10.00+ Reservá ahora

Geode/Granite Acrylic Accent Nail

New trend of granite acrylic accent nail. Created with acrylic and glitter acrylic of your color choice . All Acrylic NOT POLISH

15m $15.00+ Reservá ahora

StarDust/Fairy Dust (All nails)

Choose 1 of the 7 different shades of star/fairy dust ... unicorn like finish to your nails. Add to any acrylic or mani service

10m $15.00+ Reservá ahora

Star/Fairy Dust Accent Nail

Individual accent nail

5m $3.00+ Reservá ahora

Unicorn Nail

Unicorn effect embedded in Acrylic.

15m $15.00+ Reservá ahora

Encapsulated 3D Flowers

Depending on how many flowers based on length price goes up by $5 increments

10m $10.00+ Reservá ahora

Foil Matte Gel Accent Nail

2 nails per hand

15m $5.00+ Reservá ahora

Stone/Marble Matte Design

White/Gray Hand Painted Stone x Nail

15m $10.00+ Reservá ahora

Dusted Glitter Accent Nail

Dusted glitter nail design $4 per nail (glitter that sits on top of gel polish)

5m $4.00+ Reservá ahora

Glitter Gel Polish Accent Nail

The newest & best glitter gel polish on the market !!!! Full coverage & long lasting!

5m $4.00+ Reservá ahora

Encapsulated Colored Acrylics-each

Colored acrylics as a permanent design. Base price for encapsulated designs PER NAIL.

15m $10.00+ Reservá ahora

Encapsulated Glitter EACH

One colored Glitter set inside the Acrylic as a permanent design. more colors or an ombré additional.

15m $6.00+ Reservá ahora

Encapsulated Lace EACH

Lace laid inside acrylic. Long length nails $13

15m $10.00+ Reservá ahora

Clusters of Swarovski Crystals

10m $15.00+ Reservá ahora

Swarovski Crystals (3-6 small ones)

3 Swarovski Crystals PER NAIL. Anymore than 3, SELECT PARTIAL SWAROVSKI $8 and up

15m $6.00 Reservá ahora

Swarovski Crystals Partial Nail

Swarovski Crystals designs that require a variety of sizes and colors, more than 6 crystals (PER EACH NAIL BLINGED)

5m $14.00+ Reservá ahora

Swarovski Crystals Full Nail

Full short/medium nail of small/medium sized Swarovski crystals. Long Nails $25+ Larger/Oversized crystals Additional $10-$25 per each one

10m $20.00+ Reservá ahora

Swarovski Pixie Crystals

Additional $2 for long length nails

15m $10.00+ Reservá ahora

Oversized Swarovski /Charms

Each large size fancy shaped Swarovski crystal or charm start at $10 EACH and go up to $25 each depending on the charm itself .

15m $10.00+ Reservá ahora

Chrome (any color) All Nails

This is an addition to your full set/fill/or gel manicure

15m $18.00 Reservá ahora

Chrome Nail (individual)

Accent nail

15m $3.00+ Reservá ahora

Cat Eye Magnetic Effect

Using a magnetic system with mineralized gel polishes your nail will look like a cats eye. Available in several colors. This is for one nail. If you’d like the entire set w/ this effect its $40 additional to your base acrylic services.

15m $5.00+ Reservá ahora

Toes Polish Change

Regular polish & top coat

15m $15.00+ Reservá ahora

Acrylic Toe Nail (Big Toe)

Big toe nail acrylic- each big toe $6

15m $6.00+ Reservá ahora

Toe Nail Clean Up & Regular Polish

Shape, Buff, Polish, Cuticle Oil - ONLY AS AN ADD ON TO A FULL NAIL SERVICE.

15m $18.00 Reservá ahora

Nail Extension to Existing Set

If you have a set of acrylics that I did - and you want to go longer - I'll extend the nail by using forms. This will add additional 30-40 min to your service and an additional $25 to your fill .. Add at time of booking so we have enough time!

45m $25.00 Reservá ahora

3 Hr One on One Class

3 Hours of Acrylic Application. Prep, Choosing Nail Tips, Contouring/Shaping, Acrylic Application, Hands On.

3h $250.00 Reservá ahora

Nuestro trabajo


En Booksy nos importa la fiabilidad de las reseñas de los clientes: para compartir su opinión sobre Stiletto My Nails, debe haber utilizado el servicio antes.

  1. Stephanie avatar

    Stephanie C.

    INCREDIBLE. I keep staring at how beautiful my nails are. I never thought I could have beautiful nails like this. 100000/10, I will always recommend her for nails and will never go to anyone else now.

  2. Maya avatar

    Maya J.

    Shajara was great! She was able to accommodate me at the last minute as a new client. My experience was totally worth it. She educated me on the nail products she used and constantly asked if I was okay. I will definitely be returning.

    Stiletto My Nails 05/06/2019

    Thank you so much! It was a pleasure meeting you.... I look forward to some great sessions! 😉

  3. Rebecca avatar

    Rebecca L.

    I am absolutely in love with my milky white long nails!!! Not to mention that my nails last three weeks!

  4. Alisha avatar

    Alisha R.

    Absolutely loved my service & experience!!

  5. Shaniece avatar

    Shaniece V.

    I look forward to coming to my nail appointment every time because of my awesome nail stylist, Shajara! Not only does she do the best nails in town, but she is one of the most awesome people I have ever met. I am so blessed to have her in my life. She truly is an inspirational gift from God!

    Stiletto My Nails 25/04/2019

    I just love you Ms. Shaniece. I am the one that is extremely blessed to have you in my life . Thank you. 🙏🏽

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