Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know how Booksy works? Here is the place to get all of the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

  • How does the cancellation fee system work? Is the client charged the deposit before the appointment?

    The cancellation fee is used to commit the client to an appointment. You get to decide whether to enable the cancellation fee feature, and how wide your window is for free cancellation. The client is not charged for the appointment automatically, and the cancellation fee will only be taken if they cancel late or do not show up for the appointment.

  • Can I have different tax rates for different services?

    Yep! If you need to adjust the tax rate for a specific service, go to the Services section and click on the service you would like to change.

  • Can I give some products different tax rates?

    Yes, you can modify the tax rates of individual products by going to the Products section and clicking on the product you would like to modify.

  • I want to make sure the taxes on my receipt are correct for my area. How can I set up the default tax rates for products and services?

    Go to Business > Settings > Retail / Sales > Tax Rates. From here, you can set the default tax rates for both products and service.

  • How do I handle tips using Booksy? Can I make them mandatory using the system?

    Yes, the system allows you to do this. While the default setting is no tip, you can automatically add a tip to any receipt and add as many tip rates as you want by going to Settings -> Retail/Sale -> Tips Settings. Any rates that you’ve added will be options on your receipts when you go to checkout.

  • Where can I set up my deadline for free cancellations?

    The Cancellation & Cancellation Policy section is found under Business > Settings. Here you can establish how many days in advance a person must cancel an appointment to avoid being charged, and also write a message that will inform clients of your policy when they try to book an appointment.

  • How do I set up Booksy POS for my business?

    Go to the Settings  and select Retail / Sales. When you first visit Point of Sale, you will be taken to the Settings page (in the future, you can revisit POS settings by clicking on Settings in the upper right hand corner of the Point of Sale page). At any point in time, you can choose to turn the POS feature on or off using the switch button at the top of settings.

    When Point of Sale is enabled, you will see options for tax rates, tips, commissions, inventory management, and auto-payment, which you can customize based on your needs and the regulations of your area. 
    For more details, click on the CommissionsPayment and CheckoutProducts and InventoryDepositsTaxes, and Tips on the left to see step by step tutorials.

  • There are multiple staff members on my account. Who has access to POS?

    You can decide who has access to the POS features by assigning different access levels to staff members. Staff members who are at Staffer or Reception level will only have access to the checkout process and will not see the POS statistics, inventory, or settings.

    For extra security, always remember to use Reception Mode for devices shared by the business.

  • What is the Booksy Point of Sale system (POS)?

    Booksy POS is a financial and inventory system that allows you to collect payments from the client directly through the phone, apply cancellation fees to services to prevent no-shows, document and track your sales records, manage your staff commissions, as well as keep an inventory of products that you add to your sales receipts.

    It is a very powerful system!

  • Is there a risk that Booksy will allow multiple clients to book a service during the same time slot?

    Booksy is operating in automatic mode, bookings made by customers are automatically confirmed and managed by the system, but you can allow more than one client to book the same service.

    In the parallel clients field you can set a maximum number of clients able to book service in the same time.

  • Can I mark a free time between services?

    Those two basic functionalities optimise your time and allow you to take care of more customers at the same time and get more daily profit!

    Padding time is the time before/after the appointment that is unavailable for booking. The purpose of it is to prepare yourself or prepare resources for the service or to clean up the place after the appointment.

    Processing time, however, is time of the service available for other clients to book. It allows to create bookable space during single service.

  • Do I have to confirm booking made by my customers?

    No.  Booksy is operating in automatic mode, bookings made by customers are automatically confirmed and managed by the system.


    If you want you can change this setting and confirm bookings yourself. Just enter Settings and click Booking Settings.

  • I have an online shop. Can I sell my products online through Booksy?

    The POS Products section is intended for products sold on location. The products won’t be available on your profile, but you can add them to the receipt once the appointment is completed.

  • How do I add products to my inventory?

    This process is easily managed from  Business profile> Products and by clicking on the plus sign in the upper right corner.

  • If I enable Product Stock Control, will it keep track of all of the products left in my inventory?

    Yes, exactly. Turning this feature on in Point of Sale Settings will automatically update product quantities when they are added to a receipt.

    It will not automatically update products given away or items removed because of damage, etc. You can easily get around this by either adding free products to receipts with a 100% discount, or by manually reducing the number in the Products section.

  • Can I add extra services or products to a receipt? (For example, a person adds a service during their appointment or buys a product during checkout.)

    Sure! Just click on Add Item on the receipt to add either services or products. They follow the same process, except for products you have to click on the menu bar left of the magnifying glass and selecting Products> All Categories to view the product list.

  • What exactly is mobile payment?

    With Booksy POS, the client now has the option to enter their credit card information into the app. Booksy’s POS system can accept Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit cards. When they do this, they can pay for the appointment directly from their phone. Using Adyen, Booksy withdraws funds from the client’s card, and forwards it to the business. This can be done anywhere, anytime…. No physical card necessary. The best part? This method is easier and cheaper for you.

    How does the checkout process work in Booksy?

    You can checkout appointments straight from calendar display as well as you can look up

    which appointments are waiting for you to charge them.

    CALENDAR DISPLAY: Select any booking on your calendar and click checkout at the top of the page.

    TO BE CHARGED section in POS: You can preview appointments to be charged or those awaiting client’s payment by app & cancellation fees. Select any appointment that you want to charge and make fast checkouts!

    Moreover, you can create an entirely new sale – choose a service or product from your database, select a client and quickly collect money!

    •       go to sales section – > new sale*
    •       select a customer
    •       add services and products
    •       modify prices of each item in the cart according to your needs
    •       choose a payment type
    •       apply a discount or select a tip (if enabled) according to your needs
    •       send an e-receipt via email to the customer
  • What operating systems support the Booksy App? If I have a Windows Phone, can I use Booksy?

    The Booksy app works on two mobile operating systems: Android and iOS. If you have a Windows Phone or different device with an Internet browser, you can use Booksy via the web

  • If I have more than one business what address details should I provide?

    Providing more than one business is possible in two ways. You can create separated accounts for both businesses. Thanks to this customers could choose a specific business. On the other hand you can create two accounts and we can merge them. This option allow you to switch over beetwen these businesses using only one login.

  • Whose details should I enter when registering a business?

    You should enter the details of the business owner, or a person who conducts business on behalf of the owner. This person will receive all business notifications, information about changes in the application and will be able to manage the profile of the business in the application, in general.

  • Can I add the „Book now” button to my fanpage?

    If you’re a business owner and you have your fanpage on Facebook you can add a CTA (Call To Action) button that helps drive people from Facebook to take actions that are important to your business (it can forward them to your Booksy profile so they could make an appointment).

  • How can I inform my customers about using Booksy to book an appointment with me?

    You’ll find the “Invite customers” option in your profile, in the Marketing tab. This function allows you to send invitations via e-mails, text messages (SMS) or Facebook. You can use the default invitation text provided by us or edit it and create your own invitation.

  • How does Booksy work?

    Booksy is the only calendar you need. Look what Booksy can offer you:

    • Booksy BIZ App

    A simple, intuitive app that is available on your smartphone which will let you check your bookings calendar, add or cancel a reservation or any service, get in touch with your client and many more useful features (

    • Booksy App For Your Clients

    An incredibly handy and intuitive app for your clients to use to make appointments directly from their phone, easily and quickly 24/7.

    • Calendar And Management Panel

    The Calendar and the panel, integrated with the app is also available at This is where you can easily manage your calendar, reservations, staff, and update the list of your clients.

    • A Beautiful, Customized Webpage About Your Business

    Your profile at is your virtual business card for the world. Both returning clients and new ones can find information about your services, pictures of your business and at any time, 24/7, book an appointment with you. Using Booksy you no longer have to spend money on your a website or positioning in Google. Booksy does it for you.

    Learn more :

  • Can I group my services into categories? (Hair treatment, facial treatment, body treatment etc.)

    In App –After adding all of the services you can group them in a very easy and convenient way. Enter the name of the category, for example; beautician, hair stylist, etc. Press your finger on the service (till the background changes its color) and then drag the service to the chosen category. In the computer – it works as in the app but instead of pressing the service with your finger you drag it with a mouse.

  • Do I always have to define the price of my services?

    No, you don’t always have to define the price of your services. You can select the option “don’t show”, and your prices will not be shown to customers. Or you can enter “varies” or “differs” for the price. We do recommend however, that you show the price of your services or at least set a price range. For many customers the price of the service is a very important factor in choosing which business to patronize.

  • How to define a service if it’s price or duration time depends on a few factors (such as hair length or condition of hair)?

    You can differentiate a general service when the time in performing them differs. For example, one service can be listed as “long hair cut” and another one listed as “short hair cut” to account for the different duration time of the service. If the duration time of the service is the same but the price is different, you can mark the price as “differs” or “varies”.

  • Can my employees also manage calendars and appointments on their smartphones?

    Yes, if the owner of the account gives them access to BooksyBiz they can check bookings, calendar, and change working hours and set their leaves from Android or iOS system.

  • Can I set different working hours for all of my employees?

    Of course you can. Each employee can have different working hours. Each employee can be listed as “Staff” and you can enter the working hours associated with each employee.

    If an employee works different shifts, but has the same work hours every day, (e.g. every Monday the employee works between 9 A.M. and 3 P.M., and every Tuesday between 1 P.M. and 8 P.M., etc.), then these work hours can be set automatically within the app, by selecting specific work hours for a given employee.

    Application: Business profile → Staff members → Working hours

    If an employee’s schedule varies each day or they have certain days off, then you have to set their work hours online via app or our web version at

    You have to enter the Calendar feed and „block” the specific hours of this employee (or employees) who don’t work. You have to select the range of hours of a given employee by specifying the hours at which the employee will be unavailable to customers.

    By defining work hours for employees, customers can only select the appropriate hours during a given work day where the employee is available.

  • Can I assign an employee to a certain service or category?

    Yes, you can assign each employee to a certain service or all services offered by your business. However, you cannot assign them to a category but you can assign them to each service from the category, to obtain the same result as assigning them to a category.

    In the Business Profile, under the Staff  category you can manage the staff employed in your salon. If you are the only staff member you still need to update the hours that you are available for appointments.

    You can:

    • add or remove a staff member;
    • assign a staff member to chosen services;
    • input his/her time off;
    • see appointments and commissions assign to chosen employee;
    • assign him/her specific working hours, if they differ from the working hours of your business. It is important to check these times for each staff member. Appointment times directly relate to the times set in this area.
  • Can I send messages to the specific groups of customers?

    Yes. You can now send message blast to the specific groups of customers in just one go (for example new customers, most loyal clients or slipping away clients etc.) – it’s really convenient but most importantly, it saves your time.

  • Can my business profile be added to more than one category?

    Yes. You can choose any number of categories for the business. For example, if your business offers hairstyling and massages, then you can select these two categories. Then, your business will be listed in both of these categories in the basic application window. (We recommend listing your business in the categories of your core services, not supplemental services.)

    Business category – check all options that your business specialized in. For example, if you’re offering hairstyling and massage services – check both of them.

    If your specialization doesn’t match any of the categories, add your business to the “other” category or suggest your category to our customer service department:

  • Will the booking calendar work on my website or Facebook profile?

    Yes, in order to allow bookings directly from your website or Facebook profile, you will have to connect Booksy widget with your Facebook profile or website.

    The option of connecting with a website or FB can be found after logging in at under Settings → Connectors & Widgets → Booking Widgets.

  • During my day I have a break when I close my business for a while. How can I configure it with my calendar?

    Booking reserved time or blocking out time between your services is possible in two ways: You can create a “reserved time” booking; this time in your calendar will be excluded and your customers will see it as occupied. You can schedule automatic breaks for your employees via You have to enter your employee’s profile and find an additional option of setting breaks (the same tab where you set their working hours). In this case you set their time by dividing it into sets (from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.)

  • I am planning a vacation or a leave – How do I mark this time off in my calendar?

    In “Business profile” option find the “Staff members” tab. Click on the appropriate Staff member and select “Upcoming time off”. Enter the “Add time off” and mark days during which you are planning to be on vacation or away from work. This ensures that nobody will be able to schedule an appointment with you during this period. In your Booksy app and website you can set full day off for you and your staff.

  • How will I know if my clients have left me any messages/info when booking their appointments?

    Every time your client adds a note for you when booking a service, the notification icon appears in your Calendar – next to the appointment. Just click the icon to read the additional info.

  • Can I schedule a recurring booking for my clients?

    Yes. You can book the same service and staff on multiple days on behalf of your clients. Your customers can’t do this themselves. Reservations can recur daily, weekly or monthly. You can also set up a recurring booking to occur on different days.

    Appointments like this can be booked using the “repeat service” which available after click in  reservation.

  • Can I check the equipment availability before making an appointment?

    Yes. Sometimes two or more employees provide services using the same equipment (a massage bed, a tanning bed, a nail bar etc.). It is important to check if the equipment is in use before choosing the date of the appointment.

  • Is the booking calendar going to work on my website or FB?

    Yes; in order to allow your customers to book appointments from your website or Facebook, you have to download the booking widget code and place it on your website or Facebook page.

  • Does Booksy send customers reminders of their upcoming appointments?

    Booking reminders are sent 24 hours before the visit in the form of text messages and push notifications.

  • Can I reschedule an appointment if I have an emergency and cannot perform the service?

    Yes, you can propose a new time for the appointment. In the Dashboard tab, select the booking you wish to reschedule. The details of the booking will be displayed and you can then change the date/time of the appointment. Your customer will be notified of the change and the new appointment will be placed on your calendar.

  • How can I contact my customers?

    You can contact your customers directly from the app. Select a booking in the Dashboard and the details of that particular booking will be displayed, as well as options for you to email, text message or call the customer.

  • Can my customers cancel or reschedule an appointment at any time?

    Yes, your customer can either cancel or reschedule their appointment if they need to, by selecting their scheduled booking in the app. In this case, your business receives a notification of the appointment change and the time slot in your calendar becomes free. You can also change the cancellation period.

    To change this setting, enter “Settings” and click “Cancellation & Cancellation policy”. 

  • Can my customers schedule appointments in Booksy calendar for a few months in advance?

    Yes, your customers can schedule appointments up to 1, 2, 3, 6, 12, 24 months in advance, depending on your account settings. You can change your booking lead time settings under the “settings” tab and clicking “Booking settings”.

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