Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know how Booksy works? Here is the place to get all of the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

  • Is there a risk that Booksy will allow multiple clients to book a service during the same time slot?

    Booksy is operating in automatic mode, bookings made by customers are automatically confirmed and managed by the system, but you can allow more than one client to book the same service.

    In the parallel clients field you can set a maximum number of clients able to book service in the same time.

  • Do I have to confirm booking made by my customers?

    No.  Booksy is operating in automatic mode, bookings made by customers are automatically confirmed and managed by the system.


    If you want you can change this setting and confirm bookings yourself. Just enter Settings and click Booking Settings.

  • Will the booking calendar work on my website or Facebook profile?

    Yes, in order to allow bookings directly from your website or Facebook profile, you will have to connect Booksy widget with your Facebook profile or website.

    The option of connecting with a website or FB can be found after logging in at under Settings → Connectors & Widgets → Booking Widgets.

  • During my day I have a break when I close my business for a while. How can I configure it with my calendar?

    Booking reserved time or blocking out time between your services is possible in two ways: You can create a “reserved time” booking; this time in your calendar will be excluded and your customers will see it as occupied. You can schedule automatic breaks for your employees via You have to enter your employee’s profile and find an additional option of setting breaks (the same tab where you set their working hours). In this case you set their time by dividing it into sets (from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.)

  • I am planning a vacation or a leave – How do I mark this time off in my calendar?

    In “Business profile” option find the “Staff members” tab. Click on the appropriate Staff member and select “Upcoming time off”. Enter the “Add time off” and mark days during which you are planning to be on vacation or away from work. This ensures that nobody will be able to schedule an appointment with you during this period. In your Booksy app and website you can set full day off for you and your staff.

  • How will I know if my clients have left me any messages/info when booking their appointments?

    Every time your client adds a note for you when booking a service, the notification icon appears in your Calendar – next to the appointment. Just click the icon to read the additional info.

  • Can I schedule a recurring booking for my clients?

    Yes. You can book the same service and staff on multiple days on behalf of your clients. Your customers can’t do this themselves. Reservations can recur daily, weekly or monthly. You can also set up a recurring booking to occur on different days.

    Appointments like this can be booked using the “repeat service” which available after click in  reservation.

  • Can I check the equipment availability before making an appointment?

    Yes. Sometimes two or more employees provide services using the same equipment (a massage bed, a tanning bed, a nail bar etc.). It is important to check if the equipment is in use before choosing the date of the appointment.

  • Is the booking calendar going to work on my website or FB?

    Yes; in order to allow your customers to book appointments from your website or Facebook, you have to download the booking widget code and place it on your website or Facebook page.

  • Does Booksy send customers reminders of their upcoming appointments?

    Booking reminders are sent 24 hours before the visit in the form of text messages and push notifications.

  • Can I reschedule an appointment if I have an emergency and cannot perform the service?

    Yes, you can propose a new time for the appointment. In the Dashboard tab, select the booking you wish to reschedule. The details of the booking will be displayed and you can then change the date/time of the appointment. Your customer will be notified of the change and the new appointment will be placed on your calendar.

  • How can I contact my customers?

    You can contact your customers directly from the app. Select a booking in the Dashboard and the details of that particular booking will be displayed, as well as options for you to email, text message or call the customer.

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