Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know how Booksy works? Here is the place to get all of the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

  • Can I add extra services or products to a receipt? (For example, a person adds a service during their appointment or buys a product during checkout.)

    Sure! Just click on Add Item on the receipt to add either services or products. They follow the same process, except for products you have to click on the menu bar left of the magnifying glass and selecting Products> All Categories to view the product list.

  • What exactly is mobile payment?

    With Booksy POS, the client now has the option to enter their credit card information into the app. Booksy’s POS system can accept Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit cards. When they do this, they can pay for the appointment directly from their phone. Using Adyen, Booksy withdraws funds from the client’s card, and forwards it to the business. This can be done anywhere, anytime…. No physical card necessary. The best part? This method is easier and cheaper for you.

    How does the checkout process work in Booksy?

    You can checkout appointments straight from calendar display as well as you can look up

    which appointments are waiting for you to charge them.

    CALENDAR DISPLAY: Select any booking on your calendar and click checkout at the top of the page.

    TO BE CHARGED section in POS: You can preview appointments to be charged or those awaiting client’s payment by app & cancellation fees. Select any appointment that you want to charge and make fast checkouts!

    Moreover, you can create an entirely new sale – choose a service or product from your database, select a client and quickly collect money!

    •       go to sales section – > new sale*
    •       select a customer
    •       add services and products
    •       modify prices of each item in the cart according to your needs
    •       choose a payment type
    •       apply a discount or select a tip (if enabled) according to your needs
    •       send an e-receipt via email to the customer

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