Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know how Booksy works? Here is the place to get all of the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

  • I have an online shop. Can I sell my products online through Booksy?

    The POS Products section is intended for products sold on location. The products won’t be available on your profile, but you can add them to the receipt once the appointment is completed.

  • How do I add products to my inventory?

    This process is easily managed from  Business profile> Products and by clicking on the plus sign in the upper right corner.

  • If I enable Product Stock Control, will it keep track of all of the products left in my inventory?

    Yes, exactly. Turning this feature on in Point of Sale Settings will automatically update product quantities when they are added to a receipt.

    It will not automatically update products given away or items removed because of damage, etc. You can easily get around this by either adding free products to receipts with a 100% discount, or by manually reducing the number in the Products section.

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