Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know how Booksy works? Here is the place to get all of the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

  • What operating systems support the Booksy App? If I have a Windows Phone, can I use Booksy?

    The Booksy app works on two mobile operating systems: Android and iOS. If you have a Windows Phone or different device with an Internet browser, you can use Booksy via the web

  • If I have more than one business what address details should I provide?

    Providing more than one business is possible in two ways. You can create separated accounts for both businesses. Thanks to this customers could choose a specific business. On the other hand you can create two accounts and we can merge them. This option allow you to switch over beetwen these businesses using only one login.

  • Whose details should I enter when registering a business?

    You should enter the details of the business owner, or a person who conducts business on behalf of the owner. This person will receive all business notifications, information about changes in the application and will be able to manage the profile of the business in the application, in general.

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