Business Profile

  • Can customers access my Booksy calendar from my website, Facebook, or Instagram?

    Yes; to connect your Booksy Profile to your website, Instagram, Facebook or Yelp please go to: Settings > Connectors & Widgets There you can create widgets, or copy your Booksy Profile link. The more places you link to your Booksy Profile, the more places your customers can book you.

  • Can my business profile be added to more than one category?

    Yes. You can choose any number of categories for the business. For example, if your business offers Haircuts and Massages, then you can select these two categories. Then, your business will be listed in both of these categories in the basic application window. Tip: We recommend listing your business in the categories of your core […]

  • How do I set up a business with two addresses?

    Providing more than one business is possible in two ways. You can create separated accounts for both businesses. Thanks to this customers could choose a specific business. On the other hand you can create two accounts and we can merge them. This option allow you to switch over between these businesses using only one login.