Checkout & Payments

  • What exactly is Mobile Payment?

    Mobile Payments allows you to process payments directly from the Booksy app. It also empowers your clients to pay for services without your help. Once activated your client will have the option to enter their credit card information into the app so that they can pay for services quickly and easily. With Mobile Payments you […]

  • What is the Booksy Point of Sale system (POS)?

    Booksy POS is a financial and inventory system that allows you to collect payments from the client directly through the phone, apply cancellation fees to services to prevent no-shows, document and track your sales records, manage your staff commissions, as well as keep an inventory of products that you add to your sales receipts.

  • Where can I set up my deadline for free cancellations?

    The Cancellation & Cancellation Policy section is found under Business > Settings. Here you can establish how far in advance a person must cancel an appointment to avoid being charged, and also write a message that will inform clients of your policy when they try to book an appointment.

  • How do I set up Booksy POS for my business?

    Go to the Settings  and select Retail / Sales. When you first visit Point of Sale, you will be taken to the Settings page (in the future, you can revisit POS settings by clicking on Settings in the upper right hand corner of the Point of Sale page). At any point in time, you can […]

  • Can I add extra services or products to a receipt?

     Sure! Just click on Add Item on the receipt to add either services or products. They follow the same process, except for products you have to click on the menu bar left of the magnifying glass and selecting Products> All Categories to view the product list. This is useful if a person adds a service […]

  • How do I handle tips using Booksy? Can I make them mandatory using the system?

    Yes, the system allows you to do this. While the default setting is no tip, you can automatically add a tip to any receipt and add as many tip rates as you want by going to Settings -> Retail/Sale -> Tips Settings. Any rates that you’ve added will be options on your receipts when you […]

  • How can I set up the default tax rates for products and services?

    If you want to make sure the taxes on your receipts are correct for your local area – set a default tax rate. Go to Business > Settings > Retail / Sales > Tax Rates. From here, you can set the default tax rates for both products and service.

  • How do cancellation fees work? Is the client charged before their appointment?

    The cancellation fee is used to commit the client to an appointment. You get to decide whether to enable the cancellation fee feature, and how wide your window is for free cancellation. The client is not charged for the appointment automatically, and the cancellation fee will only be taken if they cancel late or do […]

  • There are multiple staff members on my account. Who has access to Checkout and POS?

    You can decide who has access to the Checkout features by assigning different access levels to staff members. Staff members who are at Staffer or Reception level will only have access to the checkout process and will not see the POS statistics, inventory, or settings. For extra security, always remember to use Reception Mode for […]