Early Access

  • I’ve been invited to Early Access. How much will it cost?

    Congrats on being invited to Booksy Business Early Access. Ask we go on about features updates and new functionalities, and you might be wondering … “How much is it going to cost me?” At this time you can experience Early Access with no changes to your subscription plan {aka it costs the same}! “But what […]

  • Early Access: Getting Started

    Booksy Business is coming. Staff management, inventory, marketing tools, reporting. Our growing number of features to help your business adapt and thrive are now available through an improved Tablet/Web experience. That said, we get that in the world of appointments a lot still happens on the go. To complement your front desk experience we have […]

  • Early Access Mobile vs. Tablet

    From the desk, or on the go Booksy Business is designed to help busy teams create a rhythm. To keep that momentum going. To do this we’ve created two unique experiences for Booksy Business: 1) a tablet solution designed for the front desk and 2) a mobile solution for staffers on the go. The goal? […]

  • Early Access FAQ

    Why the Shift? At Booksy we have over 35K active service providers on our platform, and no two businesses are alike. Rather than trying to fit everyone into the same mold, Booksy 3.0 is our answer to creating a platform that can meet your specific needs and scale with your business, no matter where you’re […]