• Tell me about Best of Booksy

    You work hard, and every once in a while it’s nice to feel noticed. That’s the essence behind our Best of Booksy Awards. To celebrate you. The dreamer and doers that inspire us to do more, and do it best.  How does it work?  Every month we head out in search of our Best of […]

  • Which app is for me?

    Booksy is a place for fiercely independent business owners. Booksy is a place for growing teams. Booksy is also a place for customers looking to book the services that they love. Within our community of dreamers and doers, needs vary. One size does not fit all. This is why if you search for Booksy on […]

  • How does Booksy work?

    Booksy is more than appointments, it’s the platform to help you run your business, your way. When you sign up for Booksy here’s what you get … Booksy BIZ App A simple, intuitive app that is available on your smartphone which will let you check your bookings calendar, add or cancel a reservation or any […]

  • What operating systems are supported? If I have a Windows Phone, can I use Booksy?

    Booksy apps are optimized for two operating systems – Android and iOS. If you have a Windows Phone or another device, you can still access Booksy via the web. To do so visit: where you can register your account or login to your existing profile.