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Maintaining beautiful tresses takes a lot of work, and we mean a lot. Between dye jobs and everyday styling, keeping your hair looking (and feeling) right can seem downright impossible. But have no fear, with a little bit of help from your hairstylist, you can restore some life into your mane and repair damaged locks. So what is the best treatment for damaged hair? Check it out—we’re giving you plenty of options of the best salon treatments for damaged hair, for every hair type!

Best treatment for damaged bleached hair: Olaplex

Olaplex’s formula system repairs broken bonds within the hair and prevents further damage. Though it works for any kind of hair damage, it’s particularly great at renewing damaged tresses due to hair lightening and also happens to be one of the best treatments for chemically damaged hair.

Best treatment for extremely damaged hair: Inphenom

A slightly lesser-known treatment system, Inphenom is just beginning to become more popularized, but you’ll soon see it go neck and neck with Olaplex. This five-step process repairs the hair’s cortex and outer cuticle, giving you a big boost of hydration and a high-shine finish.

Best treatment for frizzy damaged hair: Keratin

Looking for the ultimate weapon for fighting back frizz? Keratin-based treatments are designed to tame a frizzy mane, smoothing out your locks for up to three months. On top of that, they add a layer of extra protection, strengthening the hair shaft, and repairing damage.

Best natural hair treatment for damaged hair: Hot Oil

If you want to steer clear of chemicals, we get it—go the natural route by booking a hot oil treatment to instantly add shine and moisture. When applied to the hair, hot oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft, conditioning it from the inside, out, leaving you with extra soft tresses.

Best protein treatment for damaged hair: ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment

One of the best kept secrets to repairing damaged hair is through a protein treatment and although there are many on the current market (including at-home protein hair products), ApHogee’s Two-Step Protein Treatment has been frequently used in salons over the years as a method of repairing the hair and reducing its chance of breakage.

Best conditioning treatment for damaged hair: Deep Conditioning

You may love your favorite conditioner for day-to-day use, but when the hair is in need of major moisture, store-bought versions just don’t cut it. To deeply nourish your locks and restore their shine and overall health, try out a professional deep conditioning treatment.
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