Dry, Irritated Scalp?

Here Are The Best Dry Scalp Treatments To Try

Taking good care of your hair is a given, but it’s also worth noting that the scalp needs an equal amount of care and attention. Weather changes, washing your hair too often, using the wrong hair products, and even conditions like dandruff and psoriasis can all cause a dry scalp. But you can go ahead and bid farewell to flakes and irritation with our guide to the best treatments for dry scalp.

Scalp facial

Think a classic facial but instead, the target zone is your scalp—this type of multi-step treatment can reduce buildup and irritation through thorough cleansing and exfoliation, leaving your scalp feeling refreshed afterward.

Hot oil

Looking for intense nourishment? Give an oil-based treatment a shot. Hands down, the best oil treatment for dry scalp is a professional hot oil treatment that not only helps combat unwanted symptoms like itchiness but also provides your hair with much-needed moisture.


Detoxes are no longer centered around juice cleanses and dietary supplements. Detox treatments for the hair and scalp are created with the goal of eliminating tough-to-remove debris and enhancing the overall health of your scalp.

Scalp massage

If your dry scalp is caused by psoriasis, your options may be a bit more limited due to the nature of the condition—but that doesn’t mean you’re fully out of options. A scalp massage at the salon is the best scalp psoriasis treatment that can gently reduce inflammation.

Deep conditioning

One of the top ways to fight dryness (especially if you’re scalp isn’t producing enough natural oil) is by packing on the hydration. A deep conditioning treatment can help balance out moisture levels and relieve uncomfortable symptoms.
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